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Friday, April 23, 2010

Estonia Sings to the Well

Numbers 21:16-18: Then Israel sang this song, "Spring up, O Well, Sing about it, About the well that the princes dug, that the nobles of the people sank--the nobles with scepters and staffs." From there they continued to Beer, the well where the Lord told Moses, "Gather the people together and I will give them water."

Do the Israelites sound superstitious? Why would they have the nobles and princes of the people dig a well, which apparently wasn't fully effective, and then sing to it to release the ground water into the well? Who could possibly believe that such an approach could be effective?

Never say never. Yesterday my husband and I watched a beautiful documentary about the fall of the Soviet Union. It began with a song! The Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian people were all caught between incursions of the Germans during the war and the Russians afterward. Their occupation seemed endless, and the men and women who disappeared numbered in the thousands. Some were went to German concentration camps, or to Siberia, while others were just shot. Life under the Soviets was that of repression and grinding, ridiculous propaganda. First, there was the original attempt to kill off the leadership and intelligentsia, then to crush and destroy the language and culture. The one Estonian tradition that did not die was the annual song fest where thousands of Estonians would gather to sing. Some of the songs were patriotic. They seemed to have an almost magical ability to fan the flames of hunger for national identity and freedom. The DVD documentary that we watched was called "The Singing Revolution" and I recommend that anyone who reads this blog rent it and watch it. I recall many of these events taking place in the 80's, but I never put them together in context. I had no idea the brave and amazing bid for independence that was made by these non-violent people, who had no weapons, no jets, no bombs, no terrorist philosophy, and no political clout. Only their courage, their inspiring festival, AND an amazing unity amongst themselves.

Their situation was complicated by a plan as old as ancient Assyria. Move the native people out and replace them with your own. Then claim that those people need the protection of their own government. A further excuse for continued occupation.

Rent the video and watch it! But ladies, have a box of kleenex nearby. We sent our soldiers to Vietnam with guns, planes and chemical weapons because we feared that if Vietnam fell there would be a domino effect which would sweep all of Southeast Asia into the communist net. In the case of Estonia, the dominoes fell the other way with a shot being fired. With the moderate and progressive leader Mikael Gorbachav playing a key role, the Soviet Union fell in a very short time. Nation after nation declared independence, including Russia itself.

Please don't tell me that the Old Testament stories are just silly legends. Estonia sang to the well of Freedom, and God gave them water.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Girl Ghost Saves Lost Child

I just finished Russell Targ's autobiographical book, Do You See What I See? He has three compelling afterlife stories in it. One involves an Icelandic sailor who drowned decades previously. His body washed ashore and was badly mutilated by birds and dogs. He was buried in the local cemetery. His thigh bone was discovered later and for some reason built into the wall of a home. When the owner of the home was present at a seance, the ghost appeared and indicated that he wanted his thigh bone back. He revealed its location, and sure enough it was there. One must ask, what did he think he was going to do with it? It was claimed from previous seances that he still had a craving for alcohol, tobacco, and colorful speech. If there is a heaven, this guy did not go there. Nor is he locked up in a fiery hell as we Christians would think, but neither is he having much fun in the afterlife. He is hanging around earth longing for things he can't have and wouldn't do him any good if he got them.

Another story involved a medium who was requested to hunt up a Grand Master chess player. Iceland is particularly fond of chess. An experimental match was called for between a deceased Master and a living one. The living person won, but other GM's verified that the game was played at a Masters level. I wonder if the former Master hangs around chess games wishing he could play or if he just couldn't resist an unusual opportunity.

The most compelling story was the one where Targ's little granddaughter was lost in the wilderness for 3 days. A psychic declared that she was OK and being taken care of by a nice lady. When Haley was found, she said that a little girl stayed with her and guided her to her present position. After a historical investigation by the Targ family, the girl turned out to be the ghost of a child who was murdered by a cult many years previous. The mother was in fact, still alive and in prison. This would be another of numerous cases in which the spirit of a child still manifests as a child--as if they never grow up. I am happy to read that the child was found, especially since Russell Targ lost his lovely and brilliant daughter to cancer when she was only 40.

It would not be surprising that children remain in the spirit world the same age they were when they died. The question that it raises for me, however, is that in the case of reincarnation, all souls seem to be adult, even if they are in infant bodies or in a child's body. They are not just temporarily adult, but they have been adult for eons. They even have a spirit name that follows them from life time to life time. Children who remember past lives struggle to express the images they see with their currant, infantile vocabularies. They also are unable to replicate the language of their former lives, although the images and many names are still available to them.

The case of the murdered child had a double happy ending. The mother in prison was informed of the rescue and was beside herself with relief and happiness. The odds are great that she had been blinded and controlled by the cult leader and was manipulated into killing the child by claiming that she was demon possessed. The mercy and goodness of the fruit of that whole rescue encounter suggests to me that the child was either manifesting as her young self to accomplish this task (the psychic indicated that a nice lady was taking care of Haley) or that she was allowed by benevolent forces to aid in the rescue. Hopefully, her afterlife is a little more positive than that of the sailor.

My studies in the paranormal have altered my thinking a bit. a) I think that when Jesus said, "In my Father's house there are many mansions," He may have meant various levels of existence. Maybe a fiery hell is not the fate of all unbelievers. b) But I would say that the metaphor of worms would be applicable to the regret that many must feel when they find themselves just powerlessly floating about with no purpose and no joy. c) I also believe that Jesus Christ is truly the Door to the Holy City. No one will get in without Him. d) We need to dedicate our children. In fact, I think dedicating them in the womb is not too soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Kundalini Portal

This is an excerpt from Do You See What I See, (2010) by physicist and remote viewer Russell Targ:

"Mollie also taught me kundalini meditation while I was at Columbia. I practiced this diligently for a year before significantly scaring myself with an out-of-control explosion of energy racing up my spine---a hundred times more powerful than any orgasm. I wasn't prepared for this kind of success. I think of this as "the white hot poker up the ass trick"---very dangerous without an experienced teacher.

The revered Indian yogi, Gopi Krishna, describes his own disastrous premature experience in his autobiography, The Awakening Kundalini. It left him hospitalized and mentally ill with buzzing sounds and flashing lights in his head for years, until he finally integrated the experience---a very scary tale. I wish I had read it before, rather than after, my own adventure in the fire---another glimpse into the unseen world." page 59.

I admit, I haven't finished Targ's book yet, so I may be pre-judging his message, but it seems to me that he is dealing with his experience as if the kundalini energy was somewhat like electricity, like Ben Franklin and others experimenting with this neutral but powerful force in order to learn to tame it. The kundalini spirit is often described as a serpent spirit that winds around your spine in 6 stages until it reaches the base of the brain. Serpents have been associated with various gods and goddesses and sentient spirits of some kind since pre-historic times. What if it really is a spirit? What if the meditation and rituals that engage this spiritual dimension really open a portal to a dimension that is far more than just neutral cosmic energy that needs to be channeled? Think about a snake. What if you found one in your back yard? What if it approached your dog or child? You would take a hoe and kill it. Many years ago, Jean Dixon claimed that a serpent wrapped itself around her body and gave her a revelation about the coming of the anti-Christ. In Genesis, a serpent represents the enemy of God. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore a serpent on their crown that represented a magical, fire-breathing goddess-protectress. Christians and practicing Jews are encouraged to "tread on serpents and adders" (a metaphorical allusion to evil in the world and to demonic forces) in Psalm 91.

When Ouija Boards and certain occult rituals are activated, spiritual portals are opened, often by children just playing what they think is a game, or adults looking for exotic entertainment. Houses become haunted that way. I have a friend who used the board to tell the future. Two spirits began to chat with her all day long, so she didn't need the board anymore. She put it in a cupboard in the the garage and forgot about it. When she decided to go to church one day, the spirits pleaded with her to not do so. When she became a Christian, she asked her pastor why the spirits were still in her house. He asked her what she did with the board, which was still in the garage. He came over to her house and together they burned it in the fireplace. They claim they heard screams as two sparks came flying out into the living room. After that, the spirits left for good.

So, in my humble opinion, there is no amount of training that would make me want a snake spirit coiling up my spine or that of anyone that I care about.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jesus: "You look good, you smell good, but..."

you're going to hell, and there's nothing I can do about it until you give your life to me." That is an exact quote from Jesus to our friend Rick one day when he threw his Bible down and challenged God. He wasn't a Christian at the time, although he was attending an Assembly of God church. He was there mostly to establish a presence for the men of the church so they would stay away from his cute little wife. Terri was from a long-standing church-attending family. Rick was raised in foster homes after his mother was murdered in his presence. Because his family were itinerant farm workers, Rick and his siblings never went to school until he was around 8 years old.

Rick eventually joined the Navy and was deployed on a ship out of San Diego. After several months at sea the ship was coming back to the port. On board, Rick was reading one of the darker passages in the Old Testament. He was horrified at how bloody and vengeful it sounded. "Why would anyone want to serve a God like that?" he muttered, tossing the Bible. Suddenly he was taken into a different place, a sort of bubble in some other dimensional space. A voice, which he knew to be that of Jesus, told him, "Rick, you look good, you smell good, but you're going to hell, and there's nothing I can do about it until you give your life to me." Then he was back in his bunk.

Terri was at the dock to pick him up when he arrived. He told her to take him straight to the church and the pastor there. He hardly said a word the whole way there. Terri was really worried. Rick went in to talk to the pastor while she sat in the car and cried. Due to his silence and serious demeanor, she was afraid that he was going to divorce her or that something equally terrible had occurred.

The pastor explained the way of salvation to Rick and led him to a commitment to Christ. He told him that the following Sunday night he was to give his testimony in the service. That Sunday, Rick made his way to the front and shared with the congregation that even though he and Terri taught children in Sunday School, he had never made that commitment. After the service, he was down in front on his knees in prayer. He looked to his right and saw the worship leader. On his left was the youth leader. Both were praying and calling on God. "What are you guys doing here?" Rick asked. The both agreed, "Well, we watch you, and if you're not saved, we sure aren't. We're here to get right with God."

Rick has always had good stories to tell about his life. In case one might ask if he is just a story teller, it's important to remember that Terri backed up his story one hundred percent. She is a PhD in Psychology today, not one to joke, exaggerate, or tell wild tales. Whatever you might think hell is, the God of the Bible came to Rick to assure him that there is one and that hell could even be the fate of people who preach and teach in a church.

In the reincarnation books I read, there is no hell. Just lots of therapy. And school. Lots of that. Michael Newton, Ph.D., (a popular New Age practitioner) assures us that no soul is evil when it joins with a fetus. Sometimes the soul and the fetus talk to each other during the joining process. The fetus may ask, "Now that you're here, who am I going to be?" (Destiny of Souls, p. 392). The soul may decide that the fetus body is incompatible and leave it, even as late as the eight month. In that case, another soul takes its place. Or, the soul may help the baby's brain develop and may comfort it as it passes out of the womb. The baby appreciates all this help, of course (393). We'd like to think that once the baby is born that the soul firmly binds with the little body and they become one. But no, according to Newton some souls wait until age 5 or 6 to fully bond with the body. That imaginary playmate your child talks to... that's the child's soul playing with it, or maybe a spirit guide (394). If you are an adult ageless soul, I guess the primitive, developing brain of a child is pretty boring.

So, in Newton's world, there are no real evil souls, no devil, no demons, no bad ghosts (just dysfunctional ghosts that need a little extra therapy, p. 57-60), no aliens butchering cattle or abducting fetuses, no genocidal, sociopathic leaders to punish. If there are such, I imagine that they appear before the Council of Elders between lives with great reluctance and chagrin. "Oh gee, I blew it again. I'll sure hear about this one. Gosh." The Elders will rap his or her knuckles and send them back to school. And by contrast, there was poor Rick, a Sunday School teacher of babes and children who merited hell just because he wasn't really born again. So who do you believe, the Jesus that warned Rick or Michael Newton? Thing is, if Newton is wrong, he is already in more doo-doo than any Council of Elders can rescue him from. I don't want to really think that Rick would have gone to hell, but if I want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn, I'll check in with Newton.

Friday, April 2, 2010

How do I know it's an angel?

Luke 2:14, KJV reads, "Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth good will toward men." The NRSV states, "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors!" Other translations suggest that God's peace rests on those humans who have a heart of goodwill. Each translation serves a particular need, but I want to focus on the more inscrutable version, the KJV. Good will toward men in an age where there is war and suffering, plague, famine? What the angels are saying in all of these versions is that God comes to bring us peace. We create our own hell. We abuse each other, but beyond that, we humans have been spiritually mugged by really malevolent, secretive, deceptive, and invisible entities that you can call what you like... the point is that they come to destroy, tempt, steal, betray, and deceive.

In my previous blog, I promised to talk about how I can be confident that the being in the white robe who took me out the door is an angel. Why did it have wings? Do they flap them when they fly? Of course not. The fact is that angels, demons, aliens, and ghosts are ALL shape-shifters. The core of their existence is really light and energy. What we see is something to help us recognize who they are, or possibly to screen who they really are, because if we knew, we would have nothing to do with them. They all live in a dimension that exists all around us. All can cross over into ours, but few of us can willing step into theirs. That is what they have in common, but there the similarity ends. Demons tempt people to do things that are destructive. When they manifest, they are ugly, smelly and creepy. They are there to tempt and taunt, with no thoughts of any good result for the human victim. OR... They can present a screen of being a handsome male angel, or Christ himself, or a beautiful sweet female angel with golden hair and white robes, but they will not point you to the Jesus Christ of the Bible. They will offer a religion devoid of God or Jesus or they will twist who Jesus is so that your allegiance to Him becomes ineffective.

Aliens come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they claim to want to save the planet. They have "chosen" contactees who cooperate with them from a conviction that they are benevolent and are here to raise our vibrations or our consciousness. In that worldview, there is no need for a God, because the aliens are the creators and they want us to be divine as well. They say that Jesus was one of theirs, so he is just a great teacher (funny He never mentioned them). Most of the time, aliens are abusive. Or they are incompetent. Abductees are terrorized, injured, marked, examined, probed, prodded, or manipulated like lab rats. Pleading with them does no good whatsoever. It's amazing how similar they are to demons in so many ways.

As for spirit guides, very seldom would one point to Jesus. For the most part, in the world of spirit guides, Jesus and God, heaven and hell don't exist. If they mention Christ, it usually the Christ-consciousness, some kind of universal compassion available to all, and stripped of any redemptive grace for the individual. In Edgar Cayce's revelations concerning Christ, Jesus is the redeemer of the world and the Son of God, but Cayce's ability to channel spirit entities led to lead and tin mixed with the gold. Cayce was more concerned about ludicrous revelations concerning Atlantis than about the Kingdom of God. His channeling entities planted several false prophecies in his mouth that have never come to pass and never will. Japan did not fall into the sea, the western US did not break up, California is still above water, Atlantis did not rise from the sea, the poles have not switched, etc.

So the angel in white who took me out the door was recognizable as what Carol and I would expect of an angel of God. But that appearance wasn't the final assurance that it was an angel. He did not leave scoop marks in my leg. He didn't tell me that I would start a new religion, he didn't teach me to levitate or put my hand through a door. He came in response to a prayer of dedication to God the Father, the God of the Bible, the God who sent Jesus Christ to walk among men and demonstrate His love and peace and goodwill toward all of us. He loves those who hate and deny Him. He even forgave those who hammered the nails into his hands.

As in Luke 2:14, He offered peace to those on whom His favor rested. He offered peace to those who had good thoughts and intentions toward their fellow humans. He offered peace and wholeness and good will toward all men, but especially those who receive that gift into their hearts and lives.