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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Remote Viewers Target Jesus

I quit blogging for some time now because I realized that the ideas and info I was sharing in my blog are the same content that I want to write about in a book. However, I just have to express my frustration as I read about the Invisible Helpers who guided Rosalyn McKnight around the cosmos. Robert A. Monroe of the Monroe Institute was her monitor.

A remote viewer is not informed about the actual target he or she is supposed to view. The monitor receives an envelope from a client (eg. CIA, DIA, a corporation). The monitor does not open the envelope, but he might say, the target is a person. The idea is to not 'frontload' the viewer with information that may taint the results. After the viewing, the envelope is opened and the viewer gets 'feedback,' an important step in quality development and control. Sometimes the target is Jesus or Jesus Christ. When it is, Jesus is actually out there. The viewer who may or may not be a Christian, will probably not recognize him as Jesus, but will describe his attributes. They may say that he is an energy light being who somehow came to earth many years ago, or that he is a male who is innocent of all wrongdoing and is wonderful, lovable, warm, and able to scan the viewer and help that viewer see his own life in a new way. No trumpeter announces that this is the Son of God, but the viewer comes away impressed. So make no mistake, Jesus is out there. I could point to 3 or 4 RV descriptions of Jesus.

In books by or about Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, to some degree Ruth Montgomery, the spirits acknowledge that Jesus is central and highly exalted. But sometimes he is more of a celebrity just out there somewhere. As with a dead Christian denomination, he is given lip service, but not worshiped and not central to the life of the practitioner. Finally, we have books promoting belief in reincarnation where the spirits affirm that there is no God, no throne, no heaven, no hell, no evil, no punishment. Existence is about trying, trying, trying tryingtrying to improve oneself.

Beginning in the 1980's many remote viewers or trainees were sent to the Monroe Institute in the beautiful Virginia mountains to see if OBE training could enhance the psi spy program. In ROMC's book about her experience roaming around the cosmos in OBE state, led by her Invisible Helpers and watched over by her monitor, Robt. Monroe, the spirits very quickly indicated their desire to channel through her much like they did through Edgar Cayce. In this case ROMC was awake enough to describe things that she was experiencing and hearing. For this group of spirits Jesus the Christ is the highest vibrational energy form that there is. He came to earth to help raise the consciousness level of the earth and the people on it (they don't say how). He is part of the god-force (yes, that's a small G) but there is no God that punishes. In this view, the words evil are not used, although in her roamings she saw many miserable, trapped souls and even heard screams of pain. Maybe not physical pain, but certainly some kind of anguish of existence. Those are all the lower and lowest of vibrational levels. The words good, bad, choice, and consequence are not at issue. The words level, vibrations, low, high, higher, consciousness are used over and over ad nauseum. In her travels through our earthly woods, she sees happy little fairies and smiling flowers. She also sees musical gnomes, little woodchucks living in the trees, and little sun beings who slide down on sunbeams and go into the plants and trees to make energy. There are no demons in her woods. All is happiness, gratitude, joy, and music.

Her spirits told Monroe that it's not about religion and ethics or worship of any higher power. It's all about raising vibrational levels, balance and rhythm in the universe. No path to follow is offered except to be more loving and grateful for the earth. People reincarnating may bring balance to their being by being in a high vibrational level in one life and then choose the lowest level in another. So... would the lowest would be like a Mayan priest who celebrated victory in war by cutting the beating heart out of living victims and throwing their bloody corpse down the pyramid stairs? Or Jack the Ripper? Or Bernie Madoff? What would the New Age readers think if the Bible suggested that we balance our lives out by choosing to be brutes in one life and saints in another? The laughing would never end.

Jesus was all about ethics and choice and helping the poor and forgiving those that abuse you. He gave us a solid, practical path to follow. You can find it in Matthew, ch. 5 - 7. Why don't the spirits suggest that one read the New Testament and find out what this high vibrational light being had to say? The reason is that what Jesus had to say is the opposite of what the spirits have to say. Intelligent, educated individuals would rather hear about the body being divided into chakra segments and enhanced by a serpent entity that winds up their spine into their brainstem than hear about avoiding sin. The very word sin, love your neighbor, angels, heaven, hell are soooo yesterday. Boooooring. Passe. Talk to a high IQ about laser beams, vibrations, gnomes and fairies and balance in the universe and kundalini serpents and it's all "Whooooo, coool!!" Christian literature might boast about the blind being able to see, the lame walking, drug addicts delivered, a damaged heart or liver being made completely new in a moment, even the dead being raised (I'm talking about today) but that's booooooooring and only for the naive, the simple minds who don't understand about laser beams.

For the sake of brevity, let's put it this way. If Jesus and the devil opened competing restaurants, Jesus would serve you a real juicy steak that you could chew and swallow, and he'd give you a salt shaker to salt it. He'd say, "I am giving you this because I love you, and when you're done, I want you to share my bounty with others." The devil would give you a bowl of vibrations and an empty salt skaker. He'd say, "The vibrations are full of light and the shaker full of love. Enjoy and advance to a higher level." (Boooooooring!)