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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Robin H's Battle of the call

Robin Harfouche knew from the time she was little that she had a special gift. She could read people's minds and sometimes tell the future. On one side of her family she had relatives into witchcraft and esp. They called it 'the veil,' and Robin was told that she had it. All throughout her childhood and youth, she believed that it was a gift from God to do good things in the world.

On the other side of her family, she had Pentecostal Christians. She wasn't close to them at all and came to her adulthood without ever having gone to church. One day at college, she heard a whistle. She turned around to see a very tall angel who told her that she had been chosen to be a spokesperson for a new religion called New Age. She went on to become a dancer in Hollywood. She got hooked up with the man who managed several major actors, including Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Shirley McClain. He pressed her to begin training for her call, so she wound up at a seminar to learn to channel spirits. When she heard a woman manifest a deep male voice, she was totally freaked out and left. She told the manager that she wasn't going to participate in the channeling business. He told her that she had no choice because it was her destiny.

She wound up as a waitress in Sonny Bono's restaurant in Hollywood. Some customers were disrespectful to her so she decided to let someone else wait on them. Her spirit guide, however, told her she had to stand up to them. She grabbed a tray of drinks. On her way out, a door slammed onto her head, putting her into a 6 week coma. When she awoke, she was told she would never walk again. She was in pain every day.

A friend invited her to church one day. The minute she passed through the doors, she was overwhelmed by the Presence of God. She wound up on the floor, physically and emotionally overcome. When she recovered, she was healed. Today, she walks normally. She wound up getting married to one of the evangelists there, Christian Harfouche. She now has a healing ministry of her own, but this time, all is done in the name of Jesus Christ. The miracles are often of the 'creative' kind, meaning that people are given limbs or organs that they didn't have before. She was taken to heaven by Jesus Christ the year after her healing. He told her that the enemy has managed to imitate the gifts that He has supplied for His people. He showed her worship in heaven on a grand scale and told her that the time has come when worship on earth and in heaven will bring the two realms together, allowing for spectacular healings and miracles. He said that one thing the adversary cannot do is create. They can only manipulate what is already there.

It is not at all uncommon for people in the occult to experience a calling to service. The same is true for alien abductees, journalists writing about the Virgin Mary, scientists writing about reincarnation, mediums, etc. Diverse spiritual realms have been vying for the loyalty and service of humans since the dawn of time. Genesis 3 is a perfect example. The testimonies of Christians called to service cannot even be quantified due to the vast amount of them. But all of these various spiritual callings are from different sources, with different messages. It's all very real, but it does not lead us all to the same end game or the same eternal destiny.