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Friday, December 16, 2011

Did the KGB Sabotage a UAL Flight During the Korean War?

I am actually close to posting Part IV of my Marian Apparitions series, but in the meantime, I received a very interesting email from a stranger addressing the issue of a UAL crash in Colorado in 1951. To better understand this email, you could read my research story at Click on Civilian flights, then Crystal Mountain, DC-6B, then look for “Capt. Appleby’s daughter…” The question of the research is, was Flight 610 hijacked and sabotaged, a question close to my heart since my father was the captain of this flight which killed all aboard.

Hi Janet, I know this may be a bit strange getting this crazy email from some random stranger. What I'm about to tell you might seem crazy too. Last night, I took a class in Fort Collins, Colorado for paranormal activity. I thought it would be fun entertainment but never expected to see and hear I did. We visited a garage in old town where apparently the remains of the aircraft were stored while the investigation was being done. This building is quite old and is only used for storage for the restaurant on which the property sits currently. From my understanding there had been two suicides in the building and one fatal police shooting among the remains from the airplane.

Anyway, we used an EMF sensor that detects electrical transmissions in certain areas. You may be familiar with this already. This building is so old it really should be torn down but they have left it up due to the cost of demolition and have since turned off any power to it for safety reasons. As we were standing in the middle of the room the EMF meter started going off. Interesting but not conclusive, so we walked around with it and it would continue to go off in certain areas. Those areas were constantly moving. There were also warm spots in that area that you could feel. The temperature in the garage was 27 degrees last night and in those warm spots you could read 40 degree plus. You could feel a wind being pushed directly from the concrete straight upward where the meter was going off too. I know at this point it sounds hokey but it does get a little more interesting.

There is a controversial application you can download on your iPhone called the iOvilus. The tour guide had been "playing" with this app recently but wasn't sure about its credibility. So as this EMF reader was going crazy, the iOvilus was starting to say words that pertained to the plane crash. Keep in mind there is no way to program this app to do anything, you download it and it just works. The words that were spoken were ‘plane,’ ‘casket,’ ‘ascending,’ one of the names of those who perished ‘Frank.’

Those words by themselves could be taken for anything, but the one that surprised me the most was ‘Crystal.’ I decided to come home and research about the crash and see if anything else was said on the device that struck me as odd. As I was reading your article I about fell out of my seat as one of the words that were said was ‘Hijack.’

From my understanding the lady that used this app had also used it in many other places and she said there never seems to be anything of importance said unless she is in an area that is stated to have paranormal activity. You may or may not believe in this, however, it was quite real to me. We did take a digital recording of the whole event and if you are interested in it I could send it to you once I receive it. Please don’t think I’m nuts, but I did find it very interesting and thought I would share with you. Erika F.

A flurry of further correspondence produced this message from a woman who runs haunted tours of Fort Collins and who has also visited the garage.

I have to admit that the app on the iphone sounds like a really non-credible source. We’ve just had some really specific words come through along with random, nonsensical things as well. We had a young man on our tour a few months ago with the same app, and the words that came through in a row included ‘fly,’ ‘explode,’ ‘metal,’ ‘suppress,’ ‘hijack.’ Later that week I had mine on, and this was before I’d read your report, and words included ‘Korea’ and ‘atom’ popped up, which I thought were odd but at that point saw no relation to the garage. When I read your report I wished I had kept a log of other things it said.

I am a bit of a skeptic myself about what is and isn't real in our search for contact with whomever may be ‘just out of reach’ as I call it, but I will keep you posted about anything new that we hear in that old garage. Lori Juszak,

Thanks to these people who took the time to share their experience in a garage where pieces of the plane were stored after the crash.