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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Testimony of Claudia King, Part II, Still Plagued by Evil Spirits

A note from Janet: I try to limit my blog posts to a certain word count, so this story, written in her own words, has been continued from the previous post. Claudia is a friend of a good friend. I have never met her, but have spoken with her on the phone and communicated by email. There are several important aspects to this story. First, Claudia brought undeniably dark and damaging forces into her life even though she was young, an innocent who was just experimenting. Second, there are several similarities in her story to those who claim to be alien abductees. Third, Claudia was ultimately delivered from these entities through the power of the name of Jesus.

My parents found those ‘religious materials’ underneath my bed and threw them in the garbage. I was forbidden to be around the Christians. I snuck out of the house on a few occasions to go to bible studies, but when my parents finally caught me they kicked me out of the house. So, at eighteen, I found myself alone in an apartment and working two jobs. I was free now. I could go to church.

Many years passed; I was continually visited by evil presences. I was thrown down a flight of stairs by a force I could not see, I saw things following me into certain rooms of my house, and I heard deep male voices speaking in other rooms when no one else was home. At times when I looked in the mirror, I could see another presence in me. The closer I wanted to get to God, the more intense the fear became. I continued to attend Bible fellowships and was baptized, but the presences didn’t go away. If God was so good, why didn’t he protect me and make them go away? I thought that if I was a Christian, everything was going to be different, but things were the same. I was confused, so I decided to go into intense prayer and ask God to reveal the reason for this.

At thirty-one, I was living in Missouri. The presences had stayed with me the entire seventeen years. No matter where I moved, they followed. It wasn’t the location, it was me. The church never talked about such things. Sure, Paul and Peter had to deal with demons, but what about me? Was I crazy? Who would believe me?

About that time, I took a trip to Florida by Greyhound bus and the bus stopped at about 2:30a.m. in a dimly lit parking area. No one was around but the driver and me and two people who were working inside the Greyhound Terminal. I was sitting alone, outside on a bench, when a man suddenly appeared in front of me. He had a brown skin tone, and bright green eyes. He said, “You look sad.” I didn’t answer him. He said, “The God that brought you this far will bring you the rest of the way.” He told me to read Psalm 27, then he was gone. Just like that. Psalm 27 deals with fear. In verse 10 it says, “Even if your father and mother abandon you, the Lord will hold you close.” My God had heard me.

The night of my freedom and deliverance took place on August 9, 1991. I went to a Bible study, and the woman who led the study told me that something was wrong with me, and she needed to pray for me. When she locked the kitchen door, I started to panic. I pushed her aside and said, “No, I cant stay -- they wont let me.” I was shocked when I heard myself say that. What did it mean? I spoke it before I realized what I had said.

She grabbed my arm and sat me down and started to pray for me. I was frozen in the chair. I could not move; it was as though I was paralyzed -- but I felt unseen hands on my shoulders keeping me in the seat. When she started to pray out loud, I went completely deaf. I tried to read her lips and immediately I went blind. I could not see what she was saying. Then I was sick to my stomach. I was extremely afraid, but I could not leave. After a long time, my sight came back and I began to hear her praying in the “Name of Jesus of Nazareth”. She had prayed for me for six hours, but it seemed like fifteen minutes! From 9 pm until 3am she didn’t stop. At one point I told her, “Stop, I don’t want to listen, you can’t make me leave,” but it was not me saying it. I screamed, I cried, and I begged her to let me go. Another time, she looked at me, and I have never seen anyone so scared in my life. She was looking at my physical body, but she was seeing something else. She continued to pray. The chair moved across the room with me in it. Other things happened that I will not detail here.

Then things came to a sudden stop. It was still. I was lying across the kitchen table completely exhausted. I opened my eyes and saw everything as ‘new’ for the first time in my life. And I cried with JOY. My friend told me that ‘they’ were gone. I got down on my knees and repented of everything I had ever done to hurt the heart of God. I repented for the day as a teenager, when I verbally rejected Jesus and for experimenting with spiritual things I had no right delving into. Then I was baptized in my friend’s bathtub.

Why was the second baptism necessary? When I was baptized at eighteen, I simply believed in who Jesus was. The Bible tells us that even the demons believe that and tremble. I was no more saved then they are. This baptism was different. I repented, I was truly sorry, and I completely submitted my will and life to Him. That made all the difference.

I am a Mary Magdelene story. Jesus cast seven demons out of Mary Magdelene. After spending many hours with my friend in her kitchen that night, I found out that I had been dealing with three demons. Somewhere in my life, I had invited them in -- maybe it was the chants I said in my room that night when I verbally rejected Jesus, maybe it was the constant sin I was living in. All I knew is, I had a new mind, a new heart. I was set free!!

Was that the end of it? Nope! Two years after that, at thirty-three, I was in California with baby Steven (who was two at the time). In the middle of the night three presences (probably the three that were cast out) tried to put fear into me -- only this time was different. They could not physically touch me as they had in the past. They had to stay outside the room that I was in. I spoke the powerful WORD of God to them with authority -- I quoted every scripture verse I could think of that dealt with my being a child of the King and that my sins were forgiven. Just as Jesus in the wilderness, quoted scripture, I did the same, and it worked. After an intense fight, the demons left. God had put a protective barrier between them and me. God had set a boundary for those demons because I was now HIS.