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Friday, August 17, 2012

What Aliens Really Do

I regret that I could only use 10 sources and a few citations for this post. It’s a blog post, not a book.

After 50 years of media attention on the alien abduction phenomenon, the UFO community is still divided on what it all means. Highly educated experts, all of whom have followed the literature for decades, and who have regressed, counseled, or interviewed hundreds of victims, cannot agree as to whether the aliens are benevolent star visitors, rapacious exploiters, or weirdly deficient inter-dimensional entities from here. Famous names in the UFO debate community line up on both sides. My humble opinion as a non-experiencer-but-eager-reader is that all ET contact brings a negative influence in spite of the lure of advanced technology and psychic empowerment.

They say they want to prepare us for a more advanced future

The sneakiest thing they do is convince some of us that they are getting us ready for a Big Leap to another level of consciousness. They will improve our IQ’s, give us technology, and expand our consciousness. (That tidbit came from a very nice man who already has an extremely high I.Q.) So, how is that working out for us? They’ve been at us for the last 60 years. Or should I say thousands of years? The hybrids of Gen. 6:1-4 were men of renown, super people, but the earth was swimming in violence to the point where the real God, rejected it all.

Yes, they can manipulate time, float through walls, and make objects disappear and reappear (Jordan and Mitchell, 9, 61; Kelly, 35), just like poltergeists. But these superior beings kidnap both adults and children, including babies and toddlers, and whole neighborhoods of people both day and night without our permission. They leave their contactees with burns, cuts, puncture wounds, scoop marks, claw marks, bruises, anomalous blood, scratches, and sometimes cancer (Turner, 93, 139). Yet, abductees have reported seeing humans be cut open, worked on, then put back together with lasers (Turner, 1992, 167), leaving no scar at all. So either the horrific surgery on the naked woman was an illusion to cause distress in the observer, or the scratches and bruises and triangular punctures are left there on purpose, almost as a sadistic tease and calling card. The world today is awash in war. How is that superior?

They are secretive and manipulative

Although aliens are active 24/7, the especially creep around at night. They are so secretive about what they do, they have to create amnesia and screen memories to hide their deeds. They supposedly implant babies, then take them, with nary a thought as to the emotional state of the woman or the viability of the hybrid creature. They apparently can’t reproduce without humans, so they rob us of sperm and eggs to make hybrids that don’t fully represent either dimension.

They mutilate cattle, costing ranchers thousands of dollars. They hate dogs. They kill them on a regular basis, probably because they (the dogs) honor and protect us. Sometimes it’s slowly with radiation (Jordan and Mitchell, 257), sometimes it’s quickly and painfully (UFO Hunters TV Show).

Ephesians 5:11: “Don’t participate in the fruitless works of darkness, but instead, expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what is done by them in secret. Everything exposed by the light is made clear, for what makes everything clear is light. Therefore it is said: ‘Get up sleeper, and rise up from the dead, and the Messiah will shine on you.’” (NIV)

They are sexual perverts

They are fascinated with our sexual capacities. They manipulate people by trying to seduce both men and women. In the paranormal world, we might speak of an incubus or succubus or some kind of fairy or mythical demon. Today an alien species called Reptilians are reported to be particularly brutal and amoral in that sense. They rape people (Turner, 1994, 235) and sometimes torture them (Sims, 37). Sims and others note that pain and sex seem to be especially attractive to them (Fielding, 134). How is that superior?

They bring men and women together in a dazed, drugged condition, humiliating them by having them be naked. They attempt to create relationships between two unlikely people, drumming up sexual obsessions, even though one abductee may already be married (Hopkins, 211-218). So, they have no morals and try to break down any sense of morality in their contacts (Vallee, vi).

Budd Hopkins mentioned to Debbie Jordan that most of his abductee clients eventually lose their female parts to cancer. He was surprised that she still had hers. True to form, Debbie developed cervical cancer and needed to have a hysterectomy (Jordan and Mitchell, 257, 258).

They lie.

They tell people they are chosen, that they are our parents (Hopkins, 174, 175), there is an important assignment that they are going to perform in the near future. They send them on empty wild goose chases, like the Gulf Breeze Six (my blog series; Fielding, 159). They create holograms of specific humans. They force people to learn things against their wills (Douglass, 5). They inhabit humans and cause them to do things they are not aware of (Turner, 51, 52-57).

The Grays have no emotion, so they keep probing humans to examine ours. In a multitude of cases, it seemed as if they have presented sadistic scenarios to induce strong emotions like fear and rage to feed off the energy of it. They seem to relish the anguish produced when humans are forced to watch another human being tormented or killed.

They pretended to be God to one abductee. When he didn’t buy it, they pretended to be the devil (Douglass, 17). They dressed like hillbillies in two other separate cases.

They make mistakes

They redress people incorrectly, put them back outside rather than in the house, regardless of the weather. They put them in the wrong bed. Derrell Sims tells of an incidence in which children were abducted, then dropped off, as usual. Except that in the last drop off, they wound up in a swimming pool… and drowned (Sims, 56, and personal communication).

They severely punish resisters or tattlers

Raymond Fowler was able to share his abduction experiences with peers and interviewers, but when he tried to share with his pastor, he felt choked and suppressed. (That is possibly because the minister potentially had the key for deliverance to share with Fowler, but neither Fowler nor the minister knew it (Guiley interview, 32). “Onward Christian soldiers,” says the song, “Marching off to war.” But too often, the clueless, untrained soldiers leave their weapons at home.

Barbara Bartholic was repeatedly psychically threatened and physically attacked when she pursued UFO research in spite of being warned to desist (Fielding, chapter 116-118). Derrell Sims claims to have been treated so sadistically that he won’t describe what was done. He says only that it made him weep at the time, and made him weep to recall it, (Sims, 37). He also mentioned one of his counselees who was being cajoled by a beautiful woman to perform a disagreeable task. When he refused she inflicted pain on him and morphed into an ugly, nasty male entity that harasses him on a regular basis (Sims, 252). An abductee named Jim Sparks was “broken” by a pain technique similar to what any intelligence agency might use on a prisoner (Douglass, 5).

They can create virtual reality that is difficult to penetrate.

Robert Monroe tells of a test that was so real that even though he knew it wasn’t, it felt as real as reality itself (Monroe, 102). Screen memories are totally accepted as reality until uncovered by hypnotic regression. Whitley Strieber writes about seeing a man whipped and beaten. He was horrified, but the alien watched him with glee and repeatedly assured him that it wasn’t real. Vats of bloody human body parts? Either they are really getting ready to eat us or the vats were another sadistic illusion (Knight-Jadczyk, 276-78). Nothing they say or do can be trusted. Black or unmarked helicopters may be screens. Cars that appear and disappear may be illusions.

They deceive and disillusion us.

They send us on wild goose chases. They know exactly how to push our buttons, and they know who is vulnerable. They propose an improbable mission, then send their prey into the ensuing chaos. (See my series on the Gulf Breeze Six.)

Gloria Lee got a major revelation that the US is supposed to build a space platform. Since no one in Washington would listen to her, she began a fast. She stated that she would fast until someone listened to her. She literally fasted herself to death, (Fielding, 159). Yes, her papers and diagrams mysteriously disappeared after she died, as expected, but throwing herself into the volcano wasn’t necessary for the progression of the US.

They make terrible prophecies of global destruction. Earthquakes, wars, shifting poles, environmental disasters, floods, etc. Pentecostal leaders today need to be very cautious when they get apocalyptic, almost sadistic prophesies about New York burning or California falling into the sea. Reincarnation prophets made the same kinds of predictions about comets hitting the earth or Japan sinking (Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon; Knight-Jagczyk, 136, 144). Much of it comes from the same source.

We don’t need them and their shenanigans to solve our problems. We can do that ourselves with prayer, virtue, and persistence. We don’t need them to enhance our IQ’s. God will see to that IF we demonstrate that we would use our enhanced abilities for good and not for evil.

They act like demons and ghosts, only several degrees more embodied.

(Turner, 1992, 15; Jordan and Mitchell, 59; Knight-Jagczyk, 126; see Monroe and Kelley). First of all, we need to face the fact that even though we can’t see them, they, like germs, exist. Try ignoring the reality of germs. How smart would that be?

We need to realize that just because they are inter-dimensional, that does not guarantee that they are benevolent and superior.

We need to quit separating the phenomenon of demonology, paranormal, ufology, and Christian exorcism. These are all somehow connected. MUFON has determined in the past that they are not interested in the paranormal. MUFON’s approach is passé. An organization called EPIC considers the whole range of phenomenon. But they will not find the solution to these strange and frightening intrusions in their investigations. People have been studying the paranormal for ages. EPIC also needs to study the history of the Christian church in exorcism, and Christian leaders need to study the paranormal.

Where is the weapons cache that can defeat aliens? I’ll tell you in my next blog post.


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