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Monday, January 28, 2013

Resisting Alien Abduction

Since I am not an abductee and don’t deal with them in any professional capacity, I cannot claim to be an expert on evading abduction. Once a law enforcement friend asked me what I thought would be a good defense. Since that first question, I’ve read and thought a good deal about the abduction phenomena, and I do have some additional opinions for whatever they are worth. The thoughts below are for those who do not accept the “friendly space brothers” theory of alien interaction. You see yourself as a victim, which in fact, you are.

Some have found it effective to call on the name of Jesus Christ or some other saintly entity like a Catholic saint or the Archangel Michael. But the name of Jesus does not work for everyone. Perhaps they are calling on the wrong Jesus. The biblical Jesus is the one who walked on water, raised the dead, forgave the sinners, gave us a new set of life instructions, prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem, warned his followers about the dangers of hell, was transfigured before three of his followers, and rose from the dead. Any other spin on who He is will not carry the power of heaven behind it.

Also, calling on Jesus like a magic charm is not effective. There needs to be some personal commitment because Jesus the Messiah came to rescue those who want to spend eternity with him. He is not an ATM machine where you plug in a card and get some rich reward.

However, most abductees are not Christians. Those that are, are often theologically naïve or are in conflict with the church. I have been in many different kinds of churches since 1965. I have occasionally heard of demon possession and oppression, deliverances and exorcisms, but have never have heard Christians talking about seeing UFOs in their yards or aliens in their bedrooms.

So what would I say to someone who is not a Christian and doesn’t want to be one? Here are some thoughts.

First, learn to pray. Pray to God. Pray the Lord’s Prayer and don’t stop. It ends with “deliver us from the Evil One.” Think about God in the midst of paranormal attacks. The entities that were running Robert Monroe’s life told him that there was no God. That is often the message of entities who channel through hypnotically regressed clients who are looking for past lives. Edgar Cayce, on the other hand, got the opposite message. His spirits had a great respect for Jesus. It’s all BS. They know what you need to hear and sense what they can put over on you.

They will tell you things to get you into a highly emotional state, either terror, pain, love, anger, etc. Stay calm if you can. They feed off our emotions. Screaming in rage won’t make them go away. Many of the images you will see are not real. They are illusions.

Read about the phenomenon. Jesus told us to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves. In the Bible the Enemy is often referred to mythically as a serpent. We need to understand evil without participating in it. We want to understand the enemy to defeat their tactics without falling into the same practices.

Don’t believe any messages about disasters on the planet. False prophecies abound of earthquakes, comets, tsunamis, polar shifts, nuclear wars, etc., that have come through contactees over the last hundred years or so. That includes channelers like Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, and Jean Dixon, Vance Davis, and many others. Multitudes of these predictions through even the most famous have failed to come to pass.

Live a virtuous life. If you can’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then think about living His teachings. Love your neighbor. Forgive those who have damaged you. Quit lying. Burn or delete the porn. Serve others unselfishly. The aliens will hate it.

Don’t let them destroy your marriage or pick your “soul mate”. If they heal you, understand that but for them, you might not have needed healing in the first place. They want you to feel grateful and beholding to them.

Remember that the emotions you feel in their presence may be psychotronically controlled by them. Don’t believe your emotions. Use your head.

Do not willingly surrender your sovereignty. Do not capitulate to their agenda and rationalize away the wrong that they do. Don’t buy the lie that they are taking us to a higher, new consciousness to help us grow. Creatures who do what they do in the night, in secret, telling us to forget, doing things against our will, controlling our children, they are NOT the ones to usher us into a higher plane of consciousness. Most of us, religious or not, are already ethically way ahead of them.

Resist. Whatever they want you to do, try not to do it. Reject them. Tell them to go away, that what they are doing is wrong, and what they are saying is a lie. Don’t whisper it. Say it boldly. Jesus told us that if we resist the devil, he will flee from us. Tell them they may NOT take your children. Pray over your children. Get your children baptized in the Christian church.

Get rid of anything in your house that may attract spiritual entities: Ouija Boards, crystals, certain cultic knickknacks from overseas, certain kinds of books or art, dragon symbols, shaman masks, etc.

Join a group where you can tell your story and get emotional and psychological support. When aliens tell you that you were chosen because you are special, understand that you were picked on because for some reason you lacked a defense and were vulnerable and available. You may have been a very young child when they first made their mark on your life. It wasn’t your fault. But once you become aware of what is going on, never cease to resist being their prey.

Interview family members like parents and grandparents to see if they have had similar experiences. The odds are great that they did. Ask God to break the family pattern of being manipulated by outside entities.

Remember, they lie. They lie. They lie. And no ‘empowering,’ attention-getting perk they offer, like the onset of psychic powers or telekinesis, is worth it.