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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sins (and Karma) Erased!

This story was originally posted on Facebook in BayNatics, 11-4-2013, a group that follows The Church of His Presence in Mobile, Alabama. The group was founded by Debi Smith. Janie is one of the members.

By Janie Grippeling (her words just as she posted it)

I have something to share. I was woken up at 4 am this morning, feeling under heavy condemnation. Now in the past when I felt under condemnation I felt I needed to be punished and would start self-abusing. At 4 am I got up and had a cup of tea, and a chat with God. The song More and More kept singing in my head, "All we need is more of Him, His Love endures for ever". The Lord was not condemning me, in a way I was condemning myself because I thought I was disobeying God in something. So I just prayed that I wanted to know Him more and more. I went back to bed with Romans 8:1, "There is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus".

I drifted off to sleep .... in the dream I was being taken to the point of self abuse but I said "No!!!" Then I heard a gentle voice saying "Well done child! You have won a battle this night!".

This morning in my prayer time, I forgave myself for condemning myself and asked the Lord to forgive me for the times in the past I self-abused because I felt I needed to be punished, and I also asked Him to forgive me for condemning myself.

The Lord then gave me this picture, and I saw it is a new dimension: I saw a piece of paper with all writing on it ..... my sins, then I saw a blood spreading all over the paper until it had covered the whole page, not a piece of that paper was left with no blood on it. Then the blood disappeared and the page was white as snow. All the time I was getting this picture the song Oh the blood of Jesus it washes white as snow, I was singing it out loud. The Spirit said to me "what do you see?"

"A clean piece of paper", I said

"Your sins are blotted out, NEVER to be remembered!!"

Then again He said, "Now what do you see?"

Then before my eyes the piece of paper burst into flames until there was nothing to see, not even ashes. Then the Spirit said, "Never again can the enemy use these things against you, the Blood of Jesus has set you completely free!!"

The I looked up and saw the hand of Jesus, His hand has bleeding, but it had taken just one drop of His Blood to cleanse me white as snow. I cried as I saw His beautiful hands bleeding. He did it all for me. He has done it for you.

This picture was so real ... I saw it in the supernatural realm of the Spirit, it had depth I have never seen before. We are in a battle, the enemy wants to bring us down to his level he does not want us to soar in God's Supernatural realm. Stomp your foot on him good and hard.

We have a loving Father and a Lamb on His right side who bled and died for us. Jesus is the Victor \0/