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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Carol McElheney, Part 2, Her Near Death Experience

In my previous post, I shared the story in which Carol McElheney apparently got caught in an unpleasant time slip involving a town where she and other family members used to live. It happened in 2006 in Riverside, California. After I posted her story, she sent me an email describing a near death experience she had in 2008. We talked more about it by phone and she gave me permission to share that event.

Carol was a park ranger peace officer who patrolled the American River Parkway on her trained police horse. She has also been a Sacramento Reserve Deputy Sheriff and a CSI. In 2008, she and her family were camping at Shaver Lake in Fresno County, southern California. Around 10 am, the family members were out on the lake. Carol was alone in camp when she felt a pain in her head so sharp that she thought she had been shot. Her vision began to go, alerting her that something was seriously wrong. She knew that at the time she was at risk for a stroke due to too much weight and high blood pressure. She called her husband on her cell, and luckily he was able to pick up and answer.

He hurried back and drove her to a hospital. They diagnosed an aneurysm and felt that they couldn’t help her there, so an ambulance took her to a hospital in Fresno. Meanwhile she was unconscious and having seizures. It wasn’t until about 7 pm when she was finally in ICU being treated. They put her in an induced coma to protect her brain from swelling.

When Carol first came out of her coma, she was alone in a regular hospital room. It was so quiet, too quiet. There were no nurses, doctors, visitors, or loud speakers. At the foot of her bed was a very ugly, real looking reptilian creature holding a black trash bag. He had green, warty, scaly skin, yellow eyes with a vertical pupil, and clawed fingers. He told Carol that he been sent to bring her back with him. He had come a long way, and she was to get into the trash bag. Well, she wasn’t having any of that. She told him she wasn’t getting in that bag. She was too fat, anyway, and wouldn’t fit. He told her that she would get in there and he wasn’t leaving without her. She argued that his claws would tear the bag. If he came a long way, the trash bag wouldn’t last that long with her in it. She wasn’t going. He assured her he wasn’t leaving without her.

They argued for a while. Carol realized that the entity wasn’t going anywhere, so she prayed. She called on Jesus and told him that if he would make the devil thing go away, she would start attending church. She had often passed St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Elk Grove where she lives, and had felt an urge to try it out. She just never got around to it. She shut her eyes and opened them again. She saw sandaled feet going up through the ceiling and the reptilian entity was gone. The hospital was normal again. Carol kept her promise and still attends that church.

The stroke affected her vision and her brain’s ability to interpret what she sees. Today, she speaks and moves normally. Since her problem was neurological rather than physical, she spent some time in a ward where there are psych patients. She had a hospital roommate who told her doctor about seeing “shadow people.” Carol overheard the conversation because they thought she was suffiently out of it to listen. Carol learned about shadow people from Coast to Coast radio shows. Later she assured her roomate that she wasn’t crazy, that lots of people see those things, but when the doctor heard about it, he put the woman in psychiatric 72-hour hold.

I asked about her siblings. Her brother used to see odd, paranormal creatures out his window. He would tell Carol about them, but she could never see them. He had an obsessive interest in UFOs and had many books on the topic. She and I discussed the tendency of alien visitations and paranormal experiences to run in families. Generations can be affected until one individual finds the key to put a halt to it. Often religion plays a part in breaking the cycle. Unless one finds that key, the visitors have free reign in a person’s life without them having asked for it. Nor can they protect their children. If they don’t like what is happening to them, too bad. It will most assuredly happen to their kids.

Often a particular family member opens the door to alien or paranormal visitations. I asked Carol about her family members, and it seemed to me that there was a particular family member that may have unleashed an unwelcome spiritual presence in the generations.

I know what the reaction to this story will be. She had a stroke, her brain was scrambled. She was on medication. She had just come out of a coma. Of course she is hallucinating. And maybe she was, but she doesn’t think so. If her experience was real, it may be an important piece of the alien jigsaw puzzle. Everyone in the UFO community knows about reptilian aliens. They are the meanest, most devious and lustful of all the alien varieties. They are seen on UFOs in many testimonials. You can check my blog index to learn more about reptilian aliens. Such a creature may be what the author of Genesis 4 was trying to describe. Carol, however, did not view this creature as an alien. She treated it like a devil. Her prayer to Jesus had the effect a Christian would expect if it had been a devil. If it was simply an alien of a particular race that came here from another planet, the prayer may not have had any effect at all.

In all fairness, Carol is still learning to see and to interpret what she sees. Sometimes she sees hallucinatory images and has facial recognition problems. A new part of her brain is taking over the vision work. Her first doctor told her that she is lucky she is not in a nursing home. In all of these situations, however, she knows that what she sees is not what is there. She stands by her hospital experience as a genuine deliverance. She feels strongly, and I agree, that had she given up and gone with the entity, she would have died. He was there to take her soul, not her body, in the trash bag.