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Monday, May 29, 2017

The Battle for MUFON: Part V: Everyone Moves On

First, let me reiterate that the Battle for MUFON is over. The chips have fallen where they will, and hopefully things are as they should be. I am still a member, and those who asked me 2010 if they should quit, I encouraged to stay in. There is no substitute for MUFON, at least here in the US.

It has been over a year since I last blogged. I've been teaching Old Testament classes in my church and I've written a second book, which will hopefully come out this year. When the dust of the 2010 MUFON mutiny settled and Jan Harzan became the new president, I wrote him and asked for his assurance that a new day had dawned in MUFON and the break with BAASS was firm. He assured me that it was indeed a new day.

The problem with the former relationship was that some MUFON board members had security clearances and close relationships with Bigelow, BAASS colleagues, and perhaps even with members of the military-industrial know...the one that has been covering up UFO disclosure since 1947. Besides that, a lot of money was passing from BAASS to MUFON, and that makes a strong dependence of one upon the other. A colleague of Bigelow that I had a cordial relationship with called me twice when I was blogging about the Battle for MUFON and pressured me to drop all mention of contract problems between BAASS and MUFON. I did alter what I wrote a bit, but the contract wasn't the focus of my blogs, and I felt that independence for MUFON was too important an issue for me to let someone tell me what to write and what not to. As soon as that blog was posted all contact with this individual stopped. That is the kind of pressure that rich, powerful people could put on MUFON, and that would end the organization's usefulness to the whole UFO conversation. It would then just pump out pablum, and would fail the trust of members who count on MUFON to be a channel of truth.

What prompted this post was an article that came to me recently through Steve Bassett regarding Robert Bigelow's interview on 60 Minutes with Lara Logan. You can watch that interview here. In it, Bigelow says that he has had his own encounters with UFOs and that it was an event that happened to his grandparents that set him on the road of discovery. Quite a few members of that MUFON/BAASS/NIDS circle had already experimented with remote viewing. Some had also dabbled with spoon bending (like Uri Geller) and with Robert Monroe's method of willing the spirit to go out of body. Robert Monroe wrote 3 books about his own OBE experiences. The world he encountered was often quite creepy---not for the faint of heart. Although he learned to navigate it with confidence, not everyone who participated in those excursions fared so well.

Anyway, check out the link and see what new adventures Robert Bigelow has embarked upon. They are literally out of this world. And I suspect, if the curtain could be pulled away, the amazing inventions he showed the world in the Lara Logan interview are just a part of what is really going on.