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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ted Rice Story, Part II

In my last post, I published a snippet from the story of a psychic and alien abductee Ted Rice, as told by by a UFO researcher. Ted was so stressed by his experiences, and so exhausted from lack of sleep, that he at one point checked himself into a psych ward. Finally he began to work with a hypnotherapist to uncover what was really going on in his life. It took multiple sessions to get past what researchers recognize as screen memories. The aliens, being very secretive, don't want their deeds fully known or understood, so they program the mind, through a process similar to hypnotic suggestion, to forget what occurred during the abduction. To aid in the abductee's cooperation, a screen memory may replace the real event, so that it's possible that the abductee might live their entire life and not really know what was happening to them or to their friends, neighbors, parents, or their children.

Ted's therapist was familiar with the phenomenon of screen memories, and Ted had an axe to grind, so the two of them pressed into his experiences relentlessly, until at last the last screen was torn away. It was 40 years almost to the month when Ted realized what had happened when he was 8 years old. His beloved grandma had come to visit. The whole family lived in the Bible belt and attended church each Sunday, but grandma was the one really in touch with Jesus. She was a warrior. She and Ted had an appalling encounter in which Ted heard an angry voice arguing with her. He later asked who that mean man was. She answered, "That was the devil, Teddy, but don't you worry, I took care of him." Two days later she died of a massive stroke.

Ted became psychic in later years. He became a professional medium, giving regular readings and teaching New Age concepts. He trusted his spirit guides, so he was wondering why, when the abductions and UFO visitations began, they never explained to him what was happening. They just didn't seem to have anything to say about the matter. Then when a really ugly, non-human guide named Volmo showed up to teach Ted how to walk through walls, etc. the spirit guides of a good friend told him that Volmo was OK. Trustworthy.

However, when Ted was 48, during a hypnotic regression, he met Volmo again. He saw himself at the age of 8. He and his Grandma were in some kind of parallel space confronting a reptilian alien who was battling for Ted's soul. Somehow the alien seemed to require that the grandmother release her power of protection over the boy. The grandmother rebuked the creature in the name of Jesus and stood between Ted and it. The reptilian reeked of evil and stunk like an open grave. Grandma fought to protect her grandson from harm. (The adult Ted figured later that the reptilian was probably his old 'friend' Volmo.) Both humans were harmed that night. It seemed that Grandma lost. What was learned, however, was that the aliens, if that is what they really are (probably not), can appear as any human. Ted's deceased grandfather appeared that night, but it wasn't really him. The aliens can also cause humans to hear and see and feel whatever they desire, whatever can tempt, confuse, or terrify. Like the serpent of old, the reptilian offered the grandmother eternal life, youth, beauty, healing knowledge, and even the return of her departed husband.

But forty years later, Ted dedicated his life to exposing the deception. The psychic readings, the spirit guides, the special knowledge, the deceit that the earth is in trouble and the aliens are here to help, etc, etc. All a lie.

Due to the regression of others, Ted also learned that 'aliens' can simulate Jesus Christ or other religious figures. I've known that for years. That does not mean that there is no Jesus. It just means that we need to examine our religious visions and revelations very carefully, as the New Testament warns us, to ascertain if they are of God or are from another spirit. Ted's faith in his traditional beliefs, so newly regained, was deeply shaken in those days. What he should have understood is that warriors aren't defeated just because they are wounded or even die. God's plans aren't all resolved in a day or a week. They can cover the span of decades.

Recently on the web I received a mathematical forward. It goes like this:
5 + 2 = 10; 7 + 2 = 63; 6 + 5 = 66; 8 + 4 = 96; So what is 9 + 7? Not wanting to spend a great deal of time on the problem, I look at it like this... 9 + 7 = 16. Just because the other sums are incorrect, doesn't mean I can't get an accurate resolution to the last equation.