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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Her dearly departed husband and the locked safe

(A fictional story, but it could happen) A tall, slender woman wearing dark, discreet clothing attended a public meeting where the guest speaker is a famous medium. Thirty or so guests are thrilled to hear from mothers, fathers, children, and buddies who have gone on to eternity before them. Tears flow as misunderstandings are straightened out and love and forgiveness is expressed between the living and the dead, some who departed this plane quite a few years ago. Finally it is her turn to contact her beloved of 26 years. Dabbing at her eyes, she explains that her darling died 6 months ago, but only he knew the combination to the safe and he never told anyone else what it was. He said it was written down somewhere but she has not been able to find it. There is $10,000 in cash in the safe. Could the medium contact her honey and see if he can tell her where it is? Also, she wants him to know that she clings to the knowledge that someday they will be together again in eternity.

The medium focused on Arnold Z. Being an accomplished sensitive, the whole akashic record of the man's life arose before him. "I have bad news about that safe combination," he stated. "I see your husband right now. He has reincarnated. His parents live in Columbus, Ohio, and right now his mother is putting powder on his bottom. He accrued some karmic demerits in his marriage with you because he was very controlling, so he is going to have a tough life in Ohio to make up for it. His dad will abandon the family and the teen age boy, now named Todd, will wind up in Juvey, and later jail. He will marry 3 women before he dies, all for the improvement of his soul. He's a charmer... they will all love him. When he does die, you will be a 12 year old girl in Atlanta. So don't wait for Arnold when you die because you might have to fight for him and it's not worth it. Anyway, he won't ever be Arnold again. Arnold's personality will meld with Todd and in the future he will be Todd with a shade of Arnold... mostly Arnold's obsessions and problems but with Todd's new twist. So, as for the safe... best just rent a blow torch.