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Sunday, September 4, 2011

“Lay Hands On Her and Pray That She’ll Have a Seizure”

Today, while our regular senior pastor and most of the congregation frolicked at Lake Rollins family camp, Pastor Mike Marczak preached to a small contingent of regulars who did not attend camp. He shared a personal story.

A woman he knew developed a brain tumor and began to have seizures. It shut down her life because she couldn’t be alone or drive. To get a better diagnosis, her doctors put her into a program in which she was monitored in a hospital 8 hours a day for 5 days. She was hooked up to machines that would be able to pinpoint just where the seizures were located. The catch was that she had to have a strong seizure for the diagnosis to work.

The woman entered the program, but only had tiny seizures. On day 4, Suzanne Marczak and another woman from our church stayed with her all day for moral support. On day 5, Mike himself spent the day with her. He said they had a good time laughing and crying and telling stories, but at the end of the day, the expensive treatment had not produced the needed diagnosis.

Pastor Mike put the problem to the Lord. The nurses had asked him to leave. The program was over. It hadn’t worked.

Suddenly Mike heard a clear command from God. “Lay hands on her and pray that she will have a seizure.”

Huh? Not that she’ll be healed?? But Mike approached his friend and said, “If you will permit me, I’m going to pray the weirdest prayer I’ve ever prayed.” He laid a hand on her head and said, “Lord, let her have the biggest, baddest seizure that she’s ever had.” As he withdrew his hand, the woman’s lip began to quiver. Her eyes rolled back. She went grand mal. Alarms buzzed, bells rang, medical personnel came running.

All of this was on video. Furthermore, there was a microphone hanging down right over the bed, so the chaos was preserved for medical posterity. What made the record even more compelling is that 12 other patients in the ward, 6 on one direction of the ward and 6 on the other, all had grand mal seizures at the same time. And there were only 5 medical personnel to deal with it!