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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Gulf Breeze Sightings, Part 6, The Ouija Predicts the Coming of the Anti-Christ (And Other Disasters)

In the last blog post, I wrote about Vance Davis’s dream of confronting Satan in a webby, spooky cave. The dialogue between the two was like something out of a George Lucas film:

I felt a strength and resolve come over me that I had never felt in real life. I created a glowing ball of white energy in my right hand and threw it at this being. It hit him squarely in the chest and tossed him across the room. He ricocheted off the wall and hit the floor. The energy had clearly stunned and hurt him, but he rose to his feet.

“They have allowed your training and powers to come to earth with you, Old One,” he growled, “But it is not enough. Now it is time to die!”

Red balls and white flew back and forth until Satan was about to deliver the fatal coup de gras. Suddenly the Jesus entity appears and Vance is delivered by wielding his name.

There are various possibilities as to the source of this dialogue. Vance may have written it himself, or it may have come from God to arm him with his best weapon against dark forces, or it may have come from the Enemy to pump up Vance’s ego and prepare him to view himself in later years as a chosen, End Times warrior. Later, when entities claiming to represent heavenly forces speak through the Ouija, Vance can look back and think, yes, I was chosen for this moment even from my youth. Now it all makes sense.

And thrown into the mystic casserole are notions of the pre-existence of the soul, the age-old war in the heavens (a very biblical concept), and warrior spirits that incarnate to join The Last Battle. If Vance really didn’t make up this dream script himself, it’s quite an ego booster. It seems a little odd that if Vance has incarnated for that battle that the Apostle Paul, the 4 Gospel writers, and Timothy are left incarnate, to talk to a group of young, theologically untrained, spiritually naïve cryptographers through a Ouija Board.

Channeling and Disaster Predictions

Almost every nationally known channeler or fortune teller begins their enterprise by making some exceedingly accurate predictions. Jean Dixon predicted JFK’s assassination. It did no good, of course, because no one listened. But she hit enough bull’s eyes to garner national attention. In the end she became hyper-mystical, and her predictions became less accurate. She predicted that a comet would hit the earth in 1985, which didn’t happen.

Edgar Cayce predicted that Japan would sink into the sea and Atlantis would arise, and the poles would shift. One thing that every abductee researcher notices is that aliens manipulate their contactees with predictions of horror. Ninety-four percent of all humans will be eaten. There will be a nuclear war by such and such a date. Earthquakes, floods, alien invasion… you need us. Without us you will not survive.

The entities of the Board knew how to gain Vance’s attention and possibly that of government administrators. They predicted an earthquake in Iran in which over 300,000 would be killed. It happened. They predicted a terrorist bomb in New York (the first World Trade Bldg bombing, the Gulf War, the break up of the Soviet Union, the unification of Germany, and the European Union, all of which happened. They warned of danger to a shuttle mission, which may have saved it from exploding.

These are the kinds of nuggets that the CIA eats for breakfast. Presidents thrive on it. The channeler of such tidbits becomes an overnight celebrity. The entities actually know the future and seemed willing to share it with us for our benefit. They were the good guys, the ones we could work with and count on.

What lies ahead? What lies!

It’s really hard not to get sucked into a drama like that. Do I think the Gulf Breeze Six were dumb to believe the entities of the Board? Not at all. The spirits knew everything about all of those young people. They knew their past, their future, what to say, which buttons to push. They supported their cause with signs and wonders. They were really good at what they did.

Some predictions were exaggerated. For instance, when they were told to go AWOL, they wanted to go to California. Safire vetoed that because in 1996 there would be an earthquake in Los Angeles measuring 14.6 (if the scale went that high, which it doesn’t). Seattle? Nope. There would be earthquakes there and then Mt. Rainier would blow between ’93 and ‘95. East coast? Nope. Earthquakes there. New York would suffer a bad one, destroying a portion of the city (p. 113).

None of those events came to pass. In 1994 southern California had the North Ridge quake, which was registered as 6.7/6.9. Because the quake occurred at 4:30 a.m., only fifty-seven people died. Many more would have been killed had it happened later. It was a terrible event, with billions in damage, but it’s what California does. It doesn’t mitigate any damage to lose sleep because of a half-baked, unverifiable prediction.


The poles will shift, 50 scientists will go missing, special people will emerge around the world to teach truth by 2000. The seven thunders of the Bible will be revealed. The New World Order will be the new religion. Upheavals of the earth near Florida would reveal lost cities. Bible treasures would be found [like the ark of the covenant perhaps?]. A meteorite will hit the Pacific Ocean by 2005, causing significant damage and flooding (They didn’t mention Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans nor the 2004 9.1 off Sumatra.)

Anti-Christ on the Horizon

The most compelling prediction, besides that they had to leave Germany because a bloody war would soon break out between Europe and the U.S., was that the Anti-Christ would arise in Europe, start a new religion, and establish the New World Order. The Six were all chosen to be warriors in this End Times scenario.

A final letter was dictated from the heavenly messengers. Each one took turns adding something. Just a taste of what was said:

From Mark, “If you listen to this letter…you who claim to be of Christ our Lord…then you will harken unto these words that follow…then leave all and search for the elect and their followers as they are of Gods chosen leaders…”

From Simon Peter, “This is but the last warning from us that teaches of Christ without bloodshed…the elect were chosen…but volunteered when the world was new…follow those that are humble in spirit but ferocious in Christs words…You of the world listen carefully…the time is now to wake up your spirits and heed the warning…I am the last to speak to you ever…now the elect take over the mission of the apostles…God speed.”

From John, “And it was said in the end that a great shout would be heard around the land…then all would see the trembling of the great king of whore…then from the back cometh a great cry of the chosen of God and the mighty warriors led by them….from the earth cometh the elect to render the great king a murderous heart toward the one called Jesus…” etc.

And so, goaded by pleas allegedly from on high, the intrepid group made their plans. With the help and encouragement of sweet Mary and the boys from the Bible, they headed off to Atlanta and the rest of their lives.

I can’t hardly blame them, considering who they were and what they knew. They were trying to do the right thing. They just fell into a really slick, well-played demonic scam. Nothing useful will ever come through a Ouija Board. What really would have helped the Twin Towers and the city of New Orleans is if the people in power had gotten off their ignorant, self-interested behinds and listened to the experts who were predicting those disasters based on solid information. Neither disaster had to happen.