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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hypnotism and False Memories

A friend of mine went on a cruise and had a great time with all aspects of it, including the hypnotist entertainer. He hypnotized several of the passengers, got them dancing on stage and thinking they were naked in their room in front of their mirror, etc. All harmless entertainment. He also induced a group of women to think that the minute a certain employee came down the aisle, they were to run up to him and tell him that they had a ticket to prove that they had just won the lottery. When that employee appeared in the ailse, he was accosted by all of those women. In other words, although the hypnotist used his powers to influence people in amusing, harmless ways, he demonstrated that hypnotism is a power to be reckoned with. He planted a false memory in their minds. Used in wrong ways, such abilities could bring about tremendous deception and harm.

In the book Extraordinary Knowing, therapist Elizabeth LLoyd Mayer shared about the psychic bond that can appear out of nowhere between a psychologist and his/her client. She tells a story of one "brilliant clinician" whose brother drowned on Oct. 2 while trying to save someone's life. She would often think of her brother on the anniversary of his death. Dr. Coates was treating a 4-year-old girl on a later Oct. 2. She wasn't aware of having any thoughts about her brother at that time, but suddenly the girl looked up and said, "Your brother is drowning, you have to save him!" The stunned therapist assured her that no one was drowning, so the girl went back to what she was doing. (pg. 14, 15) No hypnotism was mentioned in connection with this story. Neither the therapist nor the girl were identified as psychic. Yet, something extraordinary, for just a moment, happened between them. Imagine then, what could happen between someone who is repeatedly hypnotized by the same person.

When hypnotists regress a person who is a suspected alien abductee, they know to be very careful how they pose their questions. If the client, who may be remembering real events, thinks for a second that something does not make sense to the hypnotherapist, they are capable of inventing something out of whole cloth, something just as real as the actual event. Separating the real and imagined events can be challenging.

When past-life regression is involved, something else may occur. While the client is hypnotized, the psyche is open and vulnerable. Dr. Michael Newton's clients don't just acquire memories of their previous life; they often begin channeling the alleged basic soul of the client, the one with an other-worldly name. This one can talk about many past lives. This soul can also describe the Bardo, the region where souls abide between lives. Dr. Newton and his patients see nothing dangerous or wrong with this scenario. They believe in the truth of all that is channeled and revealed. Why would it not be otherwise? One has to hope that the universe is basically benevolent and that the powers that be would not deceive us about something so important. Why would they?

The problem is that as I study the paranormal in all of its different aspects, it becomes clear that invisible entities have a tremendous ability to get into our minds if we let them. They can appear, and often do, as friends or relatives, or a beautiful woman, or a handsome man. They can mimic a gendered voice and be very charming...until they are disobeyed or crossed. If the charade doesn't work, the facade is dropped and the real entity comes out. Instead of asking why would they, we should ask, why wouldn't they? With all of the deception, manipulation, greed, and coercion that goes on in our dimension, why do we assume that other dimensions are so pure? Where do all the evil, greedy, mean, exploitative humans go when they die? Out there in the next dimension up. Could they not take their negative energies and meanness with them to pollute that world as well?

Jesus made it clear that there really is a satan (simply meaning 'adversary'). The epitome of this genre of entity is called Satan or Abaddon. They are, according to the walking, talking, miracle-working, leper-touching Christ Consciousness, deceptive and destructive. So if the goal of so much religion is to get into and acquire the Christ Consciousness, let's get into what He said. He said that there is LOTS of this negative energy over there (and here as well). Before His death and resurrection, he had a chat with His disciples, saying to them, "Then if anyone says to you, 'Behold, here is the Christ,' or 'There He is,' do not believe him. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect." He then assured His followers that when He appears to earth again, it will be like lightning flashing. It will begin in the east and flash westward. (Think of how our time zones go.) His return will probably have some kind of electro-magnetic, plasma element to it. (I use those terms having no idea what they mean.) No man walking the earth today claiming to be Christ could possibly be Christ, because He will return in the air; He will not be born of a woman again.

So if there is deception even in what we see, as in a magic act or a movie like Jurassic Park and its special effects, how much more could there be deception when we mess with what we can't see? If the UFO researchers are correct that aliens can read minds, paralyze their prey, force humans to go with them against their wills, take their seed and their babies, etc. it's clear that they have a tremendous power and advantage over us. An abductee may recall what was done to him or her. But there may be things done that are beyond our ability to wrap our minds around. The implantation of false memories could be one of those things.

I know a man who declares that he can absolutely make you think that you took a bus trip that you never took. If that is so, and a man can do that, then perhaps a spiritual entity can make you think you lived a life you didn't live or that you took a trip to Venus that never happened, or that you met a lovely, sweet female angel that is really a male reptilian demon.

With all due respect to others and their beliefs, I'm just urging caution here. I'm saying don't believe every visionary experience you have just because it was other-worldly. Test the spirits. Be very cautious about hypnotism, channeling, Ouija Boards, or any portal-opening activity that seems alluring. Be careful what you wish for and how you wish for it. You may get the opposite.

I'm going to posit a theory: I think each human is surrounded by some kind of energy that often appears as an aura. It's like a psychic skin. Some people have healthy auras while others have defective ones due to their mental state or life style. Trauma, illness, accident, or occult activities can sometimes crack open these engergy skins. Things can get in, like spiritual viruses. We need to apply some spiritual hygiene. The very best soap I can suggest are the teachings of Christ. Better yet, His very Presence in your life.

Jesus told his followers to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves. What that means is, know how your enemy thinks, but don't mimic his deeds.