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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deliverance, Part 1, Aliens, Demons, and Ghosts

Before I can talk about deliverance, I need to discuss the topic of deliverance from what. Most people today don’t believe in demons. But demons are not the only immaterial entities creeping around our universe. There are aliens and ghosts as well, and who knows what else.

In the New Testament, Jesus made it very clear that demons can invade bodies and can be cast out of them. There is much to learn about demons by reading the New Testament. They recognized who Jesus was, they feared him, they don’t want to be cast out of the body they are in, they can manifest by making us sick or crazy, not just anyone can cast them out, they go out in the name of Jesus (often with a manifestation). Some are so entrenched that they won’t go out without prayer and fasting. Once they are out, a vacuum is created within that person. If the host doesn’t change their lifestyle and fill it with good things, those demons cast out can come back, bringing their friends.

Of course, most non-Christians would say that that is just Christian hype. Fables to scare people into submission. Many Christians are terrified of the topic and won’t discuss it.

From just anecdotes about modern day deliverance I would add that demons do not want their host person to go to church or make friends with Christians. They cause cravings. The host finds him/herself thinking about eating, drinking, smoking, gambling, sex, anger, suicide, homicide, etc. at all hours of the day and night. The person will feel hounded by these cravings until they give in. A more subtle influence is that their thought process can be affected. That woman is a tart. That person is an ugly, stupid slob who deserves to be beaten up. I hate so-and-so. Maybe I should slash their tires. The host never realizes the extent to which he/she is being affected by an alien intrusive entity. It’s never nice things. Demons aren’t nice.

Speaking of aliens, what is the difference between aliens and demons. Jesus never mentioned aliens. However, the New Testament does suggest that in the end times, our world will be invaded in a spectacular way by malicious entities. He just didn’t say how to recognize them. He warned us that the devil is a liar and the Father of liars. They can also be quite religious. They can thrive in a cult or even a legitimate church.

They love to play God. In fact, in the third chapter of Genesis, we see the sneaky serpent questioning what God had said and offering quick-fix promises that would go very sour in the end. At first meeting, the serpent was an upright, inter-dimensional, conniving entity who spoke perfect pre-Sumerian language, and was already the enemy of the biblical deity. He actually fits the description of Reptilian aliens described by so many abductees. Reptilian aliens are the meanest, cruelest, most deceptive, and sexually aggressive alien of all. Those who fall into their trap suffer greatly.

Demons don’t fly around in metallic saucers that crash or leave traces when they land. They don’t need to. Demons have paranormal abilities because they are nonmaterial, whereas aliens seem to rely on technology to accomplish seemingly miraculous events. And yet the two act so much alike, and neither of them like Jesus. The picture that comes to me is a fishing trawler out at sea. Where the boat goes the seagulls go because of the trash and throwaway fish left by the fishermen. Other creatures like sharks may also be trailing the boat, hoping to snag part of the catch.

So if your home is haunted by ghosts manifesting poltergeist activity, such as water faucets turning on and off or doors slamming on their own, or things flying around the house, you won’t necessarily be abducted by aliens. But if you are an alien abductee, odds are great that poltergeist activity will break out in the home. In case after case, that seems to be the pattern.

The question is why. It does NOT mean that the abductee is evil and bound for hell. But it does suggest an atmosphere of spiritual weakness and vulnerability. In many cases the aliens got there first, but the atmosphere created is just as amenable to ghosts and demons as to the aliens themselves. Many abductees have no idea what they are really dealing with so they blow it all off. They don’t try to change their life. If they seek spiritual enlightenment from it, which many do, it’s seldom anything Christian. They get used to it, they get lots of attention for it, and often they become psychic, and of course that feels empowering and interesting.

They don’t realize that a gang of ruffians has moved into the home. Furthermore, it’s not just about the victim. Demons and aliens both go for whole families. They’ll start working on the kids when they are just toddlers. At some point, the abductee finds out that their parents were also abductees or contactees or perhaps just witnesses to alien activities. Once the family line is breached, it will go on for generations until someone breaks the pattern by finding deliverance. A whole new fate is then decreed for the family descendants.

How do intrusive entities get in? We have a psychic skin around us called an aura that protects us from invaders the same way our skin protects us from viruses and bacteria. But just like with our own immune system, things happen to us that breaks down that protection. Sometimes it is our own choices. We do bad or destructive things that open the way. Sometimes we dabble in things that are portals without realizing it. A child is not evil because it plays with matches, but it can still set the house on fire. Playing with a Ouija board, tarot cards, certain kinds of meditation, joining a cult, messing with satan worship or voodoo can all bring a cascade of dark spirits into one’s life and home.

In my very first blog there is another means of entrance. Dr. George Ritchie had a near death experience in which he met Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He was also shown a bar in which ghostly entities that died in a spiritually negative state were hanging around wanting to smoke and drink. When one sailor fell on the floor in a drunken state, his aura cracked for a brief moment and one of the ghosts leaped into him.

Trauma is another source of entrance. People who are abuse victims are sometimes twice victimized in that the entity driving the abuser can pass into the victim. The abused person is not evil, but they will have some of the same drives and cravings later on as their abuser. Sometimes it’s just a matter of physical trauma. If you hear of someone who was in a car wreck who became psychic afterwards, you can figure that they have acquired a hitchhiker.

One last thought. Remember the serpent that enticed Eve to eat the apple, promising her life and wisdom and good food. When Yahweh curses the serpent, it loses its inter-dimensional magnificence and becomes just a regular snake. Its eyes are totally changed. It eats dust. It can’t even bark now. It crawls on its belly rather than standing upright. It becomes the earthly opposite of what it once was and what it offered Eve, one of the lowest, creepiest animals…but still dangerous.

In Isaiah 9 there is a passage about an earthly child who is born a seemingly normal human, but this child, whom we Christians know as Jesus, will be exalted to be a king with a kingdom that does not end. He is given startling names: Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. As the serpent was debased, this child will be exalted. This is the child whose heel the serpent will bite, but this is the Messiah that will crush the head of the serpent.

Can you imagine scientists working on a project where they find a major key to solving the puzzle, but they don’t like that key so they ignore it for centuries. Ew, that’s for those simple, na├»ve Christians. We don’t need them. Well, that is exactly what is going on in the world of paranormal science and research today.

But, my fellow Christians, it’s partly our fault. Most of US don’t believe in malicious spirits and most of us wouldn’t know what to do about them if we did. We carp about creationism until we drive every scientist out of the church. We often represent Christ so badly in so many ways, we drive the world away. It’s no wonder they don’t look to us for answers.