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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three Descriptions of Eternity

1. The Reptilian version

For years, Laura Knight-Jadczyk met with friends on Friday nights. They were interested in the paranormal and felt that they might be alien abductees. They put their hands lightly on the planchette of the Ouija Board and took notes on what the spirits had to say. Most of it they didn't take seriously, but one day an entity showed up calling itself a Cassiopeaen. This entity had much to say about alien abductions, especially about a group called the Orions, a "Service to Self" group often called Reptilians, or in slang, Lizards or Lizzies. According to the Cassiopaeans, the Lizards plan to supplant humans in time. Here is a sample of information attained in those interviews:
Q. Bob Lazar referred to the fact that aliens supposedly refer to humans as containers. What does this mean?
A. All are containers; 94 percent will be used.
Q. (L) Used for what?
A. Consumption.
Q. (L) What do you mean by "consumption?" You mean eaten?
A. Total consumption. Consumed for ingredients.
Q. Ingredients for what?
A. New race. Important. 13 years approximately when project will be finished.
Q. (L) Why are humans consumed?
A. They are used for parts.
Q. (L) We don't understand. How can humans be used for parts?
A. Reprototype. The Vats exist. Missing persons often go there and especially missing children (The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction, by Knight-Jadczyk, p. 276). Later in the book the entity explains that slicing humans is the best way to feed because they agony of death enhances the experience. The Cassiopaeans, of course, are Service to Other entities and want to help humans escape their doom.

Laura was horrified at what the Cassiopaean was telling her. Her response was:
Q. (L) Okay, we are having these lessons. You have told us what is going on. We see it going on around us. I am convinced that what you have said is so from a LOT of other circumstantial evidence as well as the research of others who have come to the same conclusions and, DAMN IT, IT'S UGLY! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! IT's UGLY!
A. That is your perception.

By the way, the Cassiopaean twice advised reading of the Bible (pp. 247, 248). Regarding my last post about shamanism ala Michael Harner, the entity was asked if Jesus believed in animal spirits or totems. The answer was no. As for shamanism itself, the spirit claimed that it was "Lizard inspired" (p. 280). Meaning, it's a Reptilian construction, surely not in our best interest. Please understand, I am not repeating these statements as a means of advocating the use of Ouija Boards. I am not! Nor does anyone have to believe that Knight-Jadczyk is a paragon of truth or that the entity to whom she speaks is the only aetheric Source in the history of mankind that is passing on the Truth to us. I'm just pointing out what's out there. The remedy, according to the Cassiopaean entity, is knowledge because one can put up a psychic defense and confuse the enemy. But...if you are not a reader or are not prepared with the proper knowledge...a Vat awaits. You are literally a prisoner, 'dead meat.'

2. A man who left his Christian wife because he would not accept Jesus

This man collapsed in a hospital with a "widowmaker" heart attack. He in fact did die. The ER personnel worked on him for 40 minutes. A heart specialist named Chauncey Crandall walked and pronounced the man dead. His lips, toes, and fingers and toes were "black with death," and he had been flatlined for some time. Papers were drawn up for the morgue. As Dr. Crandall left the room, a strong impression came upon him to turn around and pray for the man. He did so. He called him back from death in the name of Jesus to give him one more chance to get his heart right with God. He ordered another doctor to hit Jeff Markin with the paddles one more time. When this was done, Markin's heart began to beat with a strong and normal rhythm. Medical personnel who knew about the incident were horrified, because even if this improbable, frankensteinish thing really happened, the man would be a vegetable. But he wasn't. Markin totally returned to normal living. You can read about this incident in Raising the Dead: A Doctor Encounters the Miraculous, by Chauncey W. Crandall, IV. You can also find the story on

Later, Dr. Crandall asked Markin what he experienced while he was dead. He said he was terribly disappointed. He was alone in a dark room. He saw his casket. No one came to visit. He was there for all eternity, and at the end of it all, some men came in, wrapped up his body, and threw it into the trash. Crandall led Markin to Christ at that point. Crandall had already shared his story with a friend who was a banker, who shared it with his wife, who worked at a Christian school. She shared it with a coworker there. That coworker declared, "Do you know who that man is? He's my ex-husband. Twenty years ago he left me and our two children because I accepted the Lord as Savior. I was going the way of Jesus, and he decided he didn't want that and left the family. For twenty years I've been praying for his salvation" (p. 190).

3. The Christian experience

Dr. Crandall well knew the meaning of suffering and loss. After a long battle and much prayer, his beloved son Chad died of leukemia. The young man died in peace, with full expectation of a blissful eternity. He had already seen Jesus in a vision and had no doubts or fears. About the time of his death, a woman known for her influential prayers saw a vision of Chad. He was dressed in white sports clothes, sitting on a mountain overlook. "I saw the boy you've been praying for. He was talking with the Lord. The Lord asked him what he wanted to do. Did he want to come home with the Lord or go back?" Chad chose to stay (p. 137).

Since those days, Crandall has had many experiences of laying hands on the sick in the name of Jesus and seeing them be healed. Some do not get healed, but others have breath-taking recoveries. The thing that he emphasizes is that he is not the miracle worker. Jesus is the healer, and the greatest miracle is when people are freed from personal darkness and bondage.