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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Kundalini Portal

This is an excerpt from Do You See What I See, (2010) by physicist and remote viewer Russell Targ:

"Mollie also taught me kundalini meditation while I was at Columbia. I practiced this diligently for a year before significantly scaring myself with an out-of-control explosion of energy racing up my spine---a hundred times more powerful than any orgasm. I wasn't prepared for this kind of success. I think of this as "the white hot poker up the ass trick"---very dangerous without an experienced teacher.

The revered Indian yogi, Gopi Krishna, describes his own disastrous premature experience in his autobiography, The Awakening Kundalini. It left him hospitalized and mentally ill with buzzing sounds and flashing lights in his head for years, until he finally integrated the experience---a very scary tale. I wish I had read it before, rather than after, my own adventure in the fire---another glimpse into the unseen world." page 59.

I admit, I haven't finished Targ's book yet, so I may be pre-judging his message, but it seems to me that he is dealing with his experience as if the kundalini energy was somewhat like electricity, like Ben Franklin and others experimenting with this neutral but powerful force in order to learn to tame it. The kundalini spirit is often described as a serpent spirit that winds around your spine in 6 stages until it reaches the base of the brain. Serpents have been associated with various gods and goddesses and sentient spirits of some kind since pre-historic times. What if it really is a spirit? What if the meditation and rituals that engage this spiritual dimension really open a portal to a dimension that is far more than just neutral cosmic energy that needs to be channeled? Think about a snake. What if you found one in your back yard? What if it approached your dog or child? You would take a hoe and kill it. Many years ago, Jean Dixon claimed that a serpent wrapped itself around her body and gave her a revelation about the coming of the anti-Christ. In Genesis, a serpent represents the enemy of God. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore a serpent on their crown that represented a magical, fire-breathing goddess-protectress. Christians and practicing Jews are encouraged to "tread on serpents and adders" (a metaphorical allusion to evil in the world and to demonic forces) in Psalm 91.

When Ouija Boards and certain occult rituals are activated, spiritual portals are opened, often by children just playing what they think is a game, or adults looking for exotic entertainment. Houses become haunted that way. I have a friend who used the board to tell the future. Two spirits began to chat with her all day long, so she didn't need the board anymore. She put it in a cupboard in the the garage and forgot about it. When she decided to go to church one day, the spirits pleaded with her to not do so. When she became a Christian, she asked her pastor why the spirits were still in her house. He asked her what she did with the board, which was still in the garage. He came over to her house and together they burned it in the fireplace. They claim they heard screams as two sparks came flying out into the living room. After that, the spirits left for good.

So, in my humble opinion, there is no amount of training that would make me want a snake spirit coiling up my spine or that of anyone that I care about.