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Monday, May 31, 2010

Dr. Richard Eby Visits Paradise

In his book Caught Up Into Paradise (1978), Dr. Richard Eby tells the true tale of what happened after he fell off a rotted balcony and landed on his head on cement. His skull was cracked open and blood gushed everywhere. He was told by doctors later that he actually bled out by the time he got to the hospital. The ER refused to waste blood on this dying 60-year-old man. They thought they could earn a few extra pennies by sewing the scalp back together and save the morgue from having to do it. Forty cents per stitch, is what they told Eby later, but they did a sloppy job of it because after all, the man was dead.

Meanwhile, Eby was in eternity, for just a while. He examined his robed, ghostly body. He smelled the air of Paradise, examined the flowers. They were all perfect, therefore all the same. His body was transparent. No genitals. There were no shadows because light was everywhere. Colors were brilliant, including the white of the little flowers.

To make a long story short, Eby's healing was nothing short of miraculous. The jagged gash on his head healed so quickly that the stitches were no longer needed. But his head and face were still out of kilter because no one bothered to put the skull back together right. When he got home from the hospital (way earlier than thought possible) a specialist physician made a special trip to his home to rearrange his skull.

During his early recovery, Eby had an encounter with a cloud that he recognized as Jesus Christ. It said twice, "My peace I leave with you. You will heal with your hands." He had one more encounter. After he was sufficiently recovered, he and his wife took a trip to Israel. It was 1977, and they were in what is called the Garden Tomb. Suddenly the lights went out, and all were plunged into total blackness. Suddenly Eby felt the presence of Christ beside him. He was told that he had been allowed to visit Paradise, but now he was to experience hell. Suddenly foul smells, demonic thoughts, and utter despair swept over Eby. He was alone in total darkness, but knew that he was in the presence of creepy Pit-mates. It only lasted a couple of minutes, but it was the worst thing he had ever experienced. Jesus commanded him to tell people the reality of both places. The book he wrote fulfills that command.

It's odd how hypnotherapists who regress their clients into past lives never hear reports of demons, dysfunctional ghosts, spiritual warfare, deception, or aliens--entities that are so real for so many. I think one of the reasons that many people hate Christianity is because Christians not only believe what the Bible says about hell being real, they temporarily experience it in the afterlife or in visions. Hell suggests to such critics that God is unforgiving and sadistic. I would far rather agree with the reincarnationists and believe that the afterlife is all therapy, therapy, therapy. But the reports of those who are regressed are somewhat contradictory, so there can't be one unified reincarnation machine running the whole world. Furthermore, as compelling as many such reports are, there are too many elements missing for me to believe everything I read about it. They never see anything genuinely dark, but I KNOW that such things exist. Eby's testimony about Paradise and hell, confirmed by his experience of the Presence of Jesus Christ, is worthy of serious consideration.

My next blog post will be about Richard Eby's father. The title will be, "What does Hoover Dam and the Wedding at Cana Have in Common?"