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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alien Abduction Leads to Alien Seduction

In my studies of the paranormal and how it relates to Christianity I like to look for smoking guns that explicitly demonstrate that the two arenas are not only incompatible but are in open conflict with one another. I have stated in other posts that all entities other than angels loyal to Jesus Christ dismiss Jesus as just a teacher, just a god-force much like what we find within our own selves, or an alien plant to teach us to be more spiritual. They do not ever use the four-letter s-word..."save"...even though His very name means "salvation." The other word you will never hear in the realm of reincarnation, Buddhist mysticism, alien abduction, shamanism, etc. is "redemption" or "sin." There is no sin. There is only growth...or not. No-growth just means delay.

In the Ted Rice story (a past blog post), Ted's grandma is presented with an imitation of her late beloved husband that was so real that she was convinced it was really him, come to her from his afterlife. As she made love to him, he turned out to be a reptilian alien. In Derrel Sims' book Alien Hunter, one of Derrel's contacts tells him the story of a beautiful alien who was sweetly pressing him to join Derrel's support group. For all of his attraction to the lovely woman, the man resisted. Each time she urged him to join, she was less sweet. When Ed firmly said no, she pointed to his old football injury in his knee and caused so much pain that he screamed. Suddenly the real identity of the alien is revealed. In Ed's own words: "It's that same old son of a b*# that always comes for me. The SOB!" Derrel asked Ed why the alien wanted him to attend the meeting. Ed said that the aliens want to find out what is going on in them and who is attending.

In 1998, Patricia Gray, the co-author of Alien Hunter, found herself in the midst of an experience wherein she was instructed to look at some symbols displayed on her wall. The sense was that if she complied, they would change her forever. Instead she began to recite the Apostles Creed, which broke the paralysis and caused the intrusion to end. In 2003 they came at her again. In her words: "I put my up my right hand (like an officer directing traffic to stop), and once more speak...first in slow motion, and then quickly accelerating, I say meaningly and forcefully, 'In Jesus name you will leave now!' There is a pause of about two or three eternity. Suddenly they leave. I go back to bed, shaking, but a winner." One thing I like about Catholicism, they taught us as children to recite the Apostle's Creed and the Lord's Prayer.

Debbie Jordan, on the other hand, in her book co-authored by her sister Kathy, has absorbed the symbols. She dreams them, scribbles them in her notebooks, and paints them. She trusts that someday we will understand what they mean. In the meantime, in spite of the fact that she swears she was pregnant with a hybrid baby that was stolen from her womb, she feels that she and Kathy are being lifted into a new realm of spirituality and global awareness. She has always had intriguing psychic powers, which makes up for the fact that she was exposed to radiation burns in one abduction incident that permanently affected her eyes and health. It also slowly killed her dog. She is convinced that the space brothers mean well and that in the end all will be as it must be. They seem to evoke some higher wisdom that we can't quite yet grasp.

Channeling through Debbie, these entities explain Jesus: "Religion is a sociological phenomenon, unique to your species. This is a creation of man. Not to be confused with the Spirit. "God" is the Spirit. Jesus was a man, created by the Spirit to help you to understand, on your own level, in your own terms and times. Obviously you were not ready." About God: "Do not fear. God is life, eternal...Remember, there is only life if you believe, there is only love if you believe, there is only evil if you believe. If you believe that these things exist for you, then they will. If you do not believe that they exist for you, then they will not. You have been given that choice." They also state: "Our method of worship is a meditation to our inner selves. We become attuned to the universal life-force."

So, you on are a boat in the middle of the ocean and the wind changes and you are knocked out of the boat and it floats away. You touch your thumbs to your index fingers, hum "ooooohm," and meditate on the life-force in your inner self. But you can't doubt. You must believe or it all goes away and you are alone with the sharks. Me, I would rather call on Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Savior of my soul, the Redeemer of all who call on Him, the Son of the Eternal Father who exists whether I acknowledge Him or not. Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world to draw mankind back to relationship with the Father. All that I read assures me that demons, ghosts, entities, and aliens don't like Him and cannot overcome Him.