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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Gulf Breeze Sightings, Part 4, The Gulf Breeze Six

Sources for the material below: Ed and Frances Walters, UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze; Vance Davis, Unbroken Promises; email exchanges with Don Ware; ; ; ; ; (This is a 12-part interview on Youtube in which Art Bell interviews Vance Davis and Richard Hoagland on Sept. 2, 1998.

A group of young cryptologists working at a listening post for the National Security Agency in Augsburg, Germany; alleged New Testament entities communicating through a Ouija Board; desertion of post; love triangles; rumors about the Anti-christ; Naval Intelligence in Gulf Breeze; UFO’s, and perhaps the end of the world. It’s all there in the story of the Gulf Breeze 6!

The first book by Ed and Frances Walters (see previous posts) dealt with the beginning of the UFO flap in Gulf Breeze and the controversy inflamed there by Ed’s photos.

In their second book, hypnotic regression reveals that Ed has been an abductee since his childhood. He also elaborates upon the skeptical challenges to his story and the debunker dirty tricks that occupied most of 1990. The third book by Ed Walters and Bruce Maccabee, UFOS Are Real: Here’s the Proof, reviews old stories, but adds new sightings, photos, and stories of videos that go on through 1995. Unfortunately, in this book, Ed reveals that he and Frances split. Ed married a woman who did investigations for MUFON. I will mention who Fran married at the end of this post.

One of the many gripping stories in UFO Abductions involved 6 young cryptographers, 5 men and 1 woman, working in Augsburg, Germany, for the NAS under the 701st Military Intelligence Brigade. These 6 had extremely high security clearances and were privy to highly sensitive information.

Vance Davis, 26, learned self-hypnosis at a Silva Mind Control seminar as a teenager. This practice opened the door to an entity named Kia who claimed to be from another planet. She and the last of her kind had come to earth in 5 ships to help the Alliance save mankind from themselves and from “the Others.” She was the Commander and became Davis’s guide. Davis believes that it was his subsequent telepathic abilities that caused the NSA to pull him out of the military and give him an NSA security clearance.

Two things allegedly rattled the group. One was that they learned things in their profession about UFO’s and the government and the government within the government that have never been fully revealed. The other world shaker for them began when they started to use a Ouija Board in 1989.

An entity named Safire came through it that made many startling predictions for the U.S. Other entities that came through claimed to be biblical characters that immediately resonated with the Christians in the group, including Vance Davis. The prophet Zechariah, Timothy, Mark, and Mary, mother of Jesus all allegedly had things to say. “Mary” had many theological answers for Sgt. Annette Eccleston. For example, she wished that Catholics would quit making graven images of her. They should worship only the Father. All of these entities acknowledged that Jesus Christ was the one and only Lord in the universe, which made Vance Davis more comfortable with their presence and their messages.

The 6 took copious notes on these messages, totaling over 1500 pages. “Safire” told them to abandon their post and go hide out in the U.S. She assured them that all would be well in spite of the fact that desertion of a post in a time of war could result in a very long prison sentence.

The group managed to land in Chattanooga, Tennessee in July, 1990. The exact date is disputable, but on July 9, one of them was stopped for a broken headlight. A check of Pfc. Michael Hueckstaedt’s I.D. indicated that he was wanted for desertion. The authorities arrested him and quickly found 4 of the 6 at the home of Anna Foster. (Heuckstaedt swears that he did not tell them where to find them.) It turned out that Spc. Kenneth Beason had known her when he was in training at Curtiss Station in Pensacola, and he was in love with her. She was a divorcee with a daughter who happened to be best friends with Laura, daughter of Ed and Frances.

Anna had a roommate named Diana. When Vance Davis met her, he recognized her from a vision of his soul mate that he had had years before. They soon became enamored. The 6 had been told to leave town before Friday, pick up supplies in Texas, head for the mountain states to continue their spiritual advancement, and prepare for what was to come. Love caused them to linger.

Anna and “Kathy” were put in handcuffs along with the men, but the local police talked the FBI into removing the handcuffs and letting them go. “Kathy” spent the night with the Walters.

Annette Eccleston was rounded up at her sister’s house, and all were spirited off to Fort Knox (Benning?). There they were kept in dusty old cages in solitary confinement. They could not call anyone. They all felt that they were going to disappear and not be heard from again. They turned their copious notes over to the authorities and pleaded for the predictions to be given to the president. One important prediction was that in 1998 a false messiah would arise. The year was 3 times his number, 666. [Osama bin Laden?] Another prediction was that Israel should not enter into the Gulf War or there would be terrible consequences. Israel did refrain from getting involved.

Meanwhile speculation created a media circus. There were tales that they came to murder the Anti-christ, that they wanted to talk to Ed Walters, that they belonged to a cult called The End of the World, that they just wanted to see their families because they were tired of the military, that they came home because of messages from a Ouija Board. Some of it was true, some false, but what was actually true sounded so crazy that it was impossible to separate the rumors from facts. Davis assured Art Bell in 1998 that there was no End of the World cult, and they did not come to assassinate the Anti-christ.

On July 23, a letter arrived at various media stations from an anonymous source claiming that if the 6 were not released that some extremely sensitive information would be released to the public. "Free the Gulf Breeze Six. We have the missing files, the box of 500+ UFO photos and the plans you want back." [My own private speculation about that material is that it had something to do with the planning for the beginning of the Gulf War and the fact that “Safire” confirmed that the U.S. was “in cahoots” with the aliens.]

Davis claimed in that interview that the tide turned for them due to family pressure and the fact that a CNN camera man climbed a security fence at Ft. Benning, Georgia and took pictures of them. Also, a Colonel in charge of The Army Times was told to not publish anything about the 6, but he did anyway. So on Aug. 7, the story was outed, and so was the blackmail letter.

In the end, Senator Dole, George Bush, Sr., and the Joint Chiefs of Staff all agreed that the 6 should be released with full military honors. Some powerful personalities objected enough that the 6 were fully demoted and had pay deducted. Military and intelligence insiders were stunned that deserters with high clearances would be released like that. That same month, the 6 were released from prison and from the military. Their release is one of the ongoing mysteries associated with the story of the Gulf Breeze Six.

Beason eventually married Anna Foster. Frances Walters married Anna’s ex-husband. Ed married his new love, Marsha Athey. The Gulf Breeze story ended for Ed around 1995, but only after he actually videotaped his own physical abduction. Unfortunately, the aliens erased the tape.

The Ouija Board entities made some startling hits with their predictions. But there were major misses as well. Some of those predictions can be found in the links listed above. Davis’s book has been shipped to me and is in the mail. In Part 5, I will discuss those hits and misses.