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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Tidbit About John (or Juan) Lerma, MD

Today I received a comment, which I will not be publishing, about Dr. John Lerma, author of 'Into the Light' and 'Learning From the Light.' I have two blog posts about his books in which I express a little skepticism, not about the quality of the stories he shares, but about the quantity of angelic visitations and revelations. I had to ask, did he elaborate just a bit in the telling.

Today's comment averred that he does not exist, that he is a fictional character made up to sell books, and that the medical institutions that he claims to have worked for either don't exist or have no record of him. So, I checked the back of his book and called the AMA to see is he is listed there. He was not. I called The Medical Center of Houston. It certainly does exist, and I talked to Sonja in the Hospice department. She said that Dr. Lerma hasn't worked there for about 5 years, but that he did work there in the past. He went by the names of John and Juan.

I asked her if she had read his books. She started one of them, but someone borrowed it and that was the last she ever saw of it. I then asked if there was as much angelic or paranormal activity there in the hospice as Lerma reports. She said that she has worked there for 20 years and has heard and seen quite a bit. For one thing, when she moved into the particular office where she is at now, she kept hearing a baby crying over in the corner by the window. Only certain staff persons had ever heard it and they thought they were going nuts until Sonja verified that she heard it, too. After a few months, the crying went away.

I gave her my email address and asked her to share some of her stories. I really would love to hear them. Anyway, comments are dear to a blogger's heart, but the last two were unpublishable. The other comment from a different reader was about the benefits and joys of voodoo and other kinds of hoodoo. All I can say is, whatever benefit one would get from voodoo will be lost in a very dark end. The nations where voodoo is popular are wallowing in poverty and misery. The malicious and deceptive entities behind voodoo are not in the business of making anyone's life better. Their purpose is to destroy. They will do it by any means possible, including the old serpents song of 'here's a quick fix, here is instant gratification, here are the desires of your heart now.' When you are in hospice and all the things of this world have passed away, what you don't want is the voodoo demons coming to call in that lifelong debt.