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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Winds of Change in the Catholic Church, Part II

Source: Michel Cool, Francis: A New World Pope, translated by Regan Kramer, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2013.

I just finished a short book about the history and philosophy of Pope Francis, and it doesn’t seem so far that he is the dreaded Petrus Romanus predicted by Horn and Putnam (mentioned in previous posts). A new world pope is not quite the same as a New World Order pope. Horn and Putnam have amply demonstrated that there are various groups of transnational elites that would love to see a New World Order be established in which all nations surrender their national sovereignty and submit to the laws and regulations of a master, global government. These cabals have included some celebrated Americans, including both Presidents Bush.

The book by Cool doesn’t sugar coat the challenges and scandals of the previous three decades. They are all mentioned: the pedophilia, the Vatican bank scandal; liberation theology; the mutiny of the bishops; corruption and moral laxity; and the call for a new view of the papacy in which the pope is not a central, all-powerful monarch. Pope Francis is aware of these issues and knows that he has a nest of problems to resolve.

Cool’s book is divided into discreet parts. One simply tells the history of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He was born in 1936, so he is about 77 now. That doesn’t give him a lot of years to make his mark on the church. He may be the first pope to shun the luxuries that come with climbing the ladder of hierarchy. He rode the subway to work in Argentina when he could have had a limousine. He lived in a simple apartment. He did his own cooking. He genuinely cared about the poor of his flock and about the priests who cared for them. Even today he lives in a small apartment in the Vatican rather than the royal quarters of all other popes.

In another section of the book, various prelates describe their impressions of him and delineate their hopes for the future. One noted that in his introductory speech on the balcony, he did not apply the word ‘pope’ or ‘pontiff’ to himself. He called himself the Bishop of Rome. This is actually huge, a sea change for the church. Upon the slippery slope of the previous decades, the notion arose that the pope is not necessarily the Vicar of Christ, the Representative of Christ on earth, revered as virtually infallible, ultra-anointed, and super holy. In spite of Christ’s admonition against calling any man ‘good’ or ‘father,’ the pope has been called Holy Father by all, and he wears special regalia to remind everyone of his exalted status. Pope Francis has so far shunned such ostentation.

It would seem that somewhere, somehow, in the decades since Pius XII, the prelates and bishops felt so constrained and frustrated by the rigidity of the medieval traditions that they could barely contain their ire. Francis seems to recognize that and is willing to proceed with a new collegiality with the bishops and the curia of the church.

In the classic church of the past, children born to single mothers could not be baptized because they were born out of wedlock. Cardinal Bergoglio was incensed at the practice and demanded that those babies be baptized. Another thorny issue not mentioned by Malachi Martin is what to do with divorcees who remarry or mothers who marry divorcees. A Catholic who marries a divorced person may not take Communion. This issue has yet to be resolved, and many priests at various levels hope that the old rules will change.

That issue certainly impacted my family. My father was killed in a plane crash in 1951 when I was six. My mother dated extensively in the years following, looking for a man to match that first love. She dated a wonderful UAL pilot named Vern and later a cool Air Force pilot named Ed. Both were divorced. Just about the time mom was going to cave in and marry Ed in spite of the church, he was sent on a mission and disappeared. Mom never remarried.

And that is not the end of the story because my alcoholic brother could have used the guidance of a great step-father. A step-dad could have advised me in my early dating years. I had no idea what made men tick when I was a young adult. My mother’s retired years were shredded by a horrible co-dependent relationship with my brother who clung to her like a parasite because his body and mind were slowly breaking down due to alcoholism. She had no defense against him. As for me, I entered my adult life with a cloud of doom over my head. I was sure that we were all losers and that nothing good was destined for us. I felt I had no future, and if one presented itself, it would just be ripped away. That sounds like a pity party, but it impacted important decisions that I made and opportunities that I passed over.

My aunt got to age 30 and decided that she wanted kids, so in spite of her deep Catholic devotion, she married a divorced man. She got her three great kids, but suffered the torment of no Communion. No priest in America would marry her, so if I recall correctly, they went to Mexico to be married by a priest. It didn’t crush her faith, but it could have.

The author of two books about the Marian apparitions in Medjugorje was a professing Christian who converted to Catholicism. The issue of the primacy of the Catholic Church was so strong that when the bureaucracy long delayed his request for admittance, he was told he could not sleep with his wife until he was baptized a Catholic and married by a Catholic priest. I wonder how Pope Francis will deal with issues like that. Church officials meant well with Wayne Weibel, but such elitist reckoning is arrogant, misguided nonsense. It gives religion in general a bad name. Will Francis ring in a new era of ecumenicism and acknowledge that there are other genuine Christians in the world?

The trick about change is to know when to stop. Pope Francis has acknowledged the danger of losing faith and definition to where the church becomes an NGO. It’s the fear of the slippery slope. At the bottom is the bland, all-encompassing, everything goes, we’re all OK, there is no evil, no devil, no hell to pay, all religions lead to God, etc. The church could modernize itself out of existence. The ground has already shaken under issues like the Tridentine Latin Mass versus the Mass in English, guitars versus organs. Oh my, Bayside Mary thought that guitars were an instrument of the devil himself. The core of the Mass is the doctrine of Transubstantiation, the Real Presence of Christ in the host initiated by the blessing of a priest. Yet today, the tabernacle is often in another room and the altar is often just a table. Is the magic gone from the sacred rite?

The answer to that question is that we bring the ‘magic’ with us. It’s not in a rite or ritual or dogmatic proclamation, no matter how old or how often repeated. As long as devout Catholics come to their services with believing hearts, devotion, love for their Lord, and godly lives, the magic will always be there. Jesus only asked us to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. He asked us to care for each other as we would care for ourselves and to acknowledge Him and our heavenly Father before men. And that is what unites us all as Christian brethren.

In spite of the ancient prophecy of St. Malachy which places Pope Francis as the last pope (discussed in a recent post), he may not be the last pope at all. He may be the first pope of a new era…not a New World Order, God forbid, but a new understanding and doctrinal orientation for a billion Catholics around the world. As for the prophecy that the city of seven hills will be destroyed, St. Francis saw the church in ruins centuries ago. It’s the devil who loves to terrify us with apocalyptic expectations. A balance of Scripture, love, and understanding will not ruin Rome, but will rebuild the ancient ruins.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Windswept House: The Winds of Change in the Catholic Church

Sources: Chuck Nowlen, “The Devil and Father Kunz: An Easter Tale about Murder, the Catholic Church and the Strange paths of Good and Evil,” Las Vegas Weekly, April 12, 2001, viewable at
Thomas Horn, Zenith 2016, Crane, Missouri: Defender, 2013.
Malachi Martin, Windswept House: A Vatican Novel, New York: Doubleday, 1996.
Malachi Martin, The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church, New York: Simon and Schuster, 1987.

Pius XII -- 1939-1958
John XXIII -- 1958-1963
Paul VI -- 1963 --1978
John Paul I -- 1978
John Paul II -- 1978-2005
Benedict XVI -- 2005-(2012) 2013

It was the team of Horn and Putnam (more about them in past and future posts) that introduced me to Malachi Martin. He was a conservative Jesuit who, with the pope’s permission, left his order to write about Catholic topics. If you check the index on my blog, you’ll see that I have written about him in earlier posts (e.g., July 5, 2013). His book The Jesuits was enlightening for me. Because I left the Catholic when I went to college in 1963, I had only a glimmer of the changes brought to the church by Vatican II (1963-1965). The Jesuits made it clear that V-II threw the Church into turmoil, pitting eager progressives against a solid block of orthodox conservatives who loved the way things were in 1950.

The warm and fuzzy images of black and white TV movies in the 50’s are very appealing, even if they’re not how things really were. The comfortable Catholic culture that I grew up in kept me out of trouble through puberty and young adulthood, but they never taught us to pray and we never owned a Bible. We left our religion at the church steps on Sunday. It didn’t follow us home or to school. We didn’t know that such a thing as an adult Bible study existed.

When I became a Protestant Pentecostal in 1965, I learned the theology of how, century by century, the Catholic Church drifted away from biblical concepts. Traditions and proclamations took the place of Scripture: infant baptism, the central authority of a monarchial pope wearing kingly garments and being called Holy Father; the celibate priesthood; the Assumption of Mary; the elitist primacy of the CC as the only means to salvation, the rise of Mary’s power as a mediator of salvation; the Latin Mass…I could go on. Nevertheless, in the shadow places of my mind there was the image of the godly priest dressed in black, dedicated to guiding the congregation, compassionate, faithful to his vows, able to touch the Almighty, and knowledgeable in the matters of eternity.

Same for most nuns. Of course, some had issues, but most were portrayed as cool people who obeyed bureaucratic and religious restraints until the good business of the Kingdom began to bog down in it, and then they could rise to the rescue in creative ways.

However, when I shared my testimony with priests in the 70’s, I found that many were in the throes of a crisis of faith. They appreciated my story and they loved the book I gave them, The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson. But I still had no clue as to the crisis that was building in the Church and the trauma tearing at the heart of the conservative Catholic. I was much more aware of the Catholic Charismatic renewal. I thought it would renew the whole Church and challenge it to study the Bible and walk in a deeper grace.

Vatican insider Martin changed all that for me with The Jesuits. When the Protestants of the 1500’s and later broke from the Church, it was because they gained access to and understanding of the Bible. Chaos ensued as various groups tried to find their way back to the New Testament Church and the teachings of Paul and Jesus. My personal opinion is that when V-II radically challenged so many cherished Catholic beliefs, the door opened to a mass mutiny against Catholicism as it was in 1950 without substituting a solid biblical basis for continuing on. The way my two aunts put it, “We still consider ourselves to be Catholics, but we don’t attend church anymore. We didn’t leave the church, the church left us.”

The way Martin, a staunch traditionalist, expressed it, corruption began to flood into the church for two reasons. One is that neither Pope Paul VI nor John Paul II corrected rising abuses such as theologians in the seminaries who challenged Catholic dogma and traditions. They chided but did not correct the rise of homosexuality in the seminaries and priesthood; the protection of pedophilic priests; the challenge against transubstantiation, the virgin birth of Jesus, and the divinity of Jesus; the Latin American Jesuits and Maryknolls turning Marxist in Latin America; the insults and disrespect flung at the pope and the papacy itself; rumors of wiccan practices in the convents; the increase of Freemasonry in the Vatican, etc.

In The Jesuits, Martin blames the Jesuits for betraying their original purpose and for fostering mutiny against the authority of the papacy. In his historical fiction book Windswept House, he turns that around and blames John Paul II (“the Slavic pope”) for betraying the Catholic Church by not correcting what he saw as abuses and travesties.

As I said in my July 5th post, we Protestants can support some of the call for modernization and shifting of dogma. Martin’s point, however, goes far beyond some modernizations. His second allegation as to how the Church became corrupted is that a cabal of Freemason Satanists found their way into the hierarchy. This group deliberately tried to subvert and bankrupt the real church. Their ultimate goal was to turn the throne of Peter over to their Prince (a demon possessed Antichrist) who would rule over the New World Order and a new all-encompassing religion.

Martin contends that Pope John Paul I was murdered by a member of the Vatican court. He also claims that in 1963 the cabal (also called the Superforce) performed a blasphemous ritual in the Vatican, along with a parallel ritual in South Carolina, with the intent of calling up Lucifer to possess the next pope.

Although Martin’s book is fiction, Horn and Putnam reveal that in an interview with John McManus, Martin averred that the ritual was real and that the process was described to him by the woman who was violated in it as a child (Zenith 2016, 395, taken from The New American, June 9, 1997).

Recall, too, that this is the era when an alleged apparition of the Blessed Virgin was declaring that the real Pope Paul VI was locked away in the Vatican as a prisoner; the pope people saw in public was an actor who had been surgically transformed to take his place. Even though I believe that the Bayside, NY apparition is a manifestation of Lucifer himself, imagine the trauma to the Paul VI and John Paul II, both of whom cherished the Blessed Mother and revered her appearance at Fatima. No matter how you look at it, things were in a state of disarray in the upper levels of the Church during that era (see my posts on the rise of Mary).

One of the villains in Windswept House is the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Maestroianni (in real life Cardinal Agostino Casaroli). In the book, Maestroianni was the unequivocal leader of the cabal that murdered PPI. He plots throughout the book to get John Paul II to resign, and if not, to die of not-so-natural causes. It sounds ridiculous. Yet, in 1981 John Paul was shot two or three times by an assassin named Mehmet Ali Agca. This Turk, who was ultimately pardoned at the request of the pope, claimed that it was Casaroli who put him up to the assassination. (However, in 2013, he claimed that it was the Ayatollah Khomeini. Read more about Agca here.)

To bolster claims of conspiracies and murders in the hierarchy, Martin (Zenith 2016, p. 397) points to the murder of Fr. Alfred Kunz, another journalist priest who claimed to be on the verge of revelations pertaining to homosexual pedophilia in the Diocese of Springfield, IL. Fr. Kunz’s throat was cut by multiple stabs in St. Michael’s church in Dane, Wisconsin in 1998. Read more here. On the Coast to Coast radio program Martin alleged that he had inside information that the crime was committed by Luciferians. The FBI and local police found no firm connection to any group or motive.

From what I have read so far, it would be a stretch to connect Kunz’s murder to Satanists associated with the Catholic Church. The producer of his radio show, however, does hint in Nowlen’s article that yes, eyerolls aside, there is a “nexis” of truth to the claim that there are Satanists entrenched throughout the Church.

In Windswept House, Martin’s protagonist, Fr. Daniel, actually wonders if John Paul II only pretended to be a traditionalist. Perhaps he was part of the conspiracy to prepare the church to help launch the New World Order. He was at the Council, he helped write some of the most damaging articles which opened the doors to the licentiousness free-for-all that led to so many priests who weren’t even Catholics anymore (p. 447). In constant defense of John Paul is his priestly mentor Fr. Damien. The role of John Paul in the future of the Church is left hanging at the end of the book. His Holiness had been shown a report clarifying the corruption, Satanism, pedophilia, and laxity among the priests, bishops, and cardinals. What would the Holy Father do about it? And would he survive the conspiracies against his person?

We know the end of the story. John Paul II was raised to sainthood, along with Paul VI. John Paul had his own vision of the Virgin Mary in 1981 in which she designated him as “the last Catholic pope of our times” (453, 479, 639; Keys of this Blood, 627, 629). He was one of the popes who officially declared Mary to be the Mediatrix of All Graces. He banned Satanism, homosexuality, and contraception (573), but his letters and words did not sway a goodly portion of the bishops of the Church. They were openly demanding that the power of the church be shared with them and that the infallible, monarchial papacy come to an end. And so it may. Pope Francis seems to agree.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

"The Final Pope is Here"

Sources:  Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam, Petrus Romanus, Crane, MO: Defender, 2012; and Malachi Martin, Windswept House: A Vatican Novel, New York: Doubleday (Mainstreet), 1996.

On June 10, I posted a story from Tom Horn which is one of the most compelling paranormal and abduction stories I’ve ever read. I’ve been plowing through books by Horn and Cris Putnam since I heard their interview by Sid Roth. Their books are long, 450 to 600 pages, laden with facts, dates, names, events, history, connections, illustrations, source references, conservative biblical applications, and lots of risky speculation about apocalyptic arcana and the era of 2012 to 2016. Getting through even one of the books is a daunting task, recommended only for those who are really interested in the topic.

If you buy the first two books and CD as a set from Defender Publications, they throw in CD containing a vast amount of valuable resource material for biblical studies and UFO research, including the book Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee.

Their message begins with the prophecy of St. Malachy about the popes from Celestine II (1143-1144) to the last pope, the current Pope Francis, called “Petrus Romanus” or Peter the Roman in the prophecy, (Chapters 1 and 2 of Petrus). In this pontiff’s reign, according to Malachy, persecution will plague the church, Rome will be destroyed, and the terrible Judge will judge his people. Ah, ‘tis the stuff of a Dan Brown novel.

There is also plenty of info in the above-mentioned books covering the secretive Freemasons and their insidious plots to use blasphemous rituals to defile the Vatican and bring forth a satanic persona who will be the Antichrist.

There is so much material in each book that I will devote this post just to Petrus Romanus. Later posts will deal with Exo-Vaticana, Zenith 2016, and maybe Windswept House.

In this 550-page opus, the prophecy of St. Malachy is examined in excruciating detail. Whatever the reader thinks about that ancient document, the research is impressive. Máel Máedóc Ua Morgaèr was born in Armagh, Ireland in 1094. He rose quickly in Catholic ranks. After a visit to Pope Innocent II, as he proceeded to leave Rome, he saw a vision on Janiculum Hill. Allegedly, he was given a short Latin phrase representing every pope from the time of Pope Celestine II (1143-1144) to the very last pope, today’s Pope Frances, during whose dominion Rome will be destroyed.

The prophecy has a long, controversial history. More than half of the phrases may be “prophecy from the event.” The final 40 entries (post-1595, covering 440 years) can be surprisingly accurate. Horn and Putnam do their due diligence to examine the validity of the document and the accuracy of the prophecies. Those who read the book can judge for him or herself whether the prophecy is a forgery or a revelation. Some of the phrases seem spot on, others not so much.

What is startling is that the final pope in the list appeared so close to a year that other prognosticators have drawn attention to. One researcher predicted in 1950 (through logic rather than revelation) that the final pope would arrive in 2012. Although Francis wasn’t elected until 2013, Pope Benedict announced his intent to resign due to health issues in 2012. (p. 32, 33)

Horn and Putnam go to great lengths to associate Malachy’s prophecy with the year 2012. That, and the fact that they examine anagrams, numerology, and codes in The Prophecy, puts the book into the realm of contemporary mystic speculation which will fascinate some readers and turn others away. They hang themselves way out on a limb by suggesting that Frances will in fact be the last pope, and that he may be the False Prophet of the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation. This was a risk they were more than willing to take.

Here is one of those delicious quotes that kept me reading from beginning to end:
“During an audience with the general Chapter of the Franciscans in 1909, Pius X fell into a semi-trance with his head sunk on his chest, and after a few minutes he came to and opened his eyes with a look of horror on his face. He reputedly cried out: ‘What I have seen was terrible… Will it be myself? Will it be my successor? What is certain is that the Pope will quit Rome, and in fleeing from the Vatican he will have to walk over the dead bodies of his priests. Do not tell anyone while I am alive.’” See that prophecy online here.

In the book, one learns in much convincing detail the tremendous Masonic influence of the Founding Fathers and the designers of our currency, the District of Columbia, the Statue of Liberty, the Great Seal of the United States, tourist attractions such as the capitol building with its dome and pagan artwork, and the Washington Monument. The Masons, according to Horn and Putnam, claim to go clear back to Nimrod of the Bible. They have been plotting to usher in a New World Order ever since.

In Genesis 10, Nimrod was nothing more than a Mesopotamian “king” of a city-state and champion hunter who spread his suzerainty or dominion over other city-states in upper and lower Sumer. He eventually exerted authority, like an emperor, over major cities of Assyria, eight cities in all. The “great city” was Nineveh. The Hebrew author of Genesis 1-11 may have been located in the city of Assur and would have had access to ancient archives written on baked clay tablets in the Akkadian and Sumerian language. Nimrod may have been a historical king with a different foreign name, or an archetype of a King of Kings such as Sargon I, or a reflection of legendary heroes such as Gilgamesh, but this alleged hunter-king began his influence in Babylon and ended in Nineveh.

No scholar of the Ancient Near East would suggest that Nimrod was the equivalent of the god Apollo and/or Osiris. But Horn and Putnam make that case that the Freemasons believe it and worship this combined individual/deity even today. What is disturbing is that Horn and Putnam seem to have bought into that assessment of Nimrod’s identity.

The Freemasons have always been an influential group if one can believe their roster of members over the centuries. That list includes George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, most of the founding Fathers, Franklin D. Roosevelt, his vice president Henry Wallace, George H. W. Bush, and his son George H. In fact, we are assured that a plaque in the House of the Temple in Washington, DC celebrates the fact that the Bush families have donated over a million dollars to the Masonic cause. Horn claims to have seen it. He connects Freemasonry with the Skull and Bones Society where so many of our leaders connect with one another.

Due to eons of secrecy, it’s difficult to know for sure what Freemasons at the upper levels actually believe and do, but Horn and Putnam believe that they have cracked the code of Masonic symbols, revealing a devotion to Apollo/Osiris/Nimrod at the highest levels (p. 117). This worship involves satanic rituals whenever a new pope or president is picked. The ultimate goal is to call forth a demonic entity (Apollo/Osiris/Nimrod) which will be embodied as a human in order to reign over a New World Order, a One World Government, undoubtedly assisted by global elites, politicos, billionaires, corporate leaders, and energy moguls.

Horn introduces us to a former and late Jesuit priest named Malachi Martin who hobnobbed with the likes of John XXIII and John Paul VI. He was released from priestly duties to write about issues threatening the church of his day. He believed, wrote, and stated openly that there was a cabal of homosexuals, anti-papists, Freemasons, and satanists at the highest levels of the Vatican. In that claim, Martin certainly was in step with Bayside Virgin Mary who wailed non-stop that Satan had taken over the Vatican. Other high officials were making the same claim around 2000 (p. 90).

Martin claimed that a demonic ritual was carried simultaneously in the Vatican in Rome and in the U.S. on June 29, 1963. The purpose was to enthrone Lucifer as the prince over Rome and “to assure the sorcerous inception and embodiment in flesh of that immaterial spirit that would fill Petrus Romanus.” These churchmen called “the superforce” were sufficiently influential that even John Paul VI stated in 1963 that “the smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary.” (p. 90-93)

The fearsome scandals began even earlier than John Paul VI. Pope Paul I died under suspicious circumstances just 33 days after his installation. His successor, Pope Paul II, battled mutinous and deceptive Jesuits who had virtually loosed the moorings from the traditional Vatican dock and struck out on their own. John Paul VI inherited that conflict and pretty much lost.

There is so much more in this book that I can’t even touch on due to space. These are interesting and troubled times. Fortunately for me, the next two books repeat some of the major themes of this end times scenario. That is helpful, because I am one who needs to read such a book two or three times to really absorb it.

I am taking no stand on how accurate these predictions are. I wrote Tom Horn in an email and reminded him what it would do to this lifetime compendium of research if Francis dies in 2018 and another Pope steps peacefully into his place. Horn and Putman pushed all their chips into the pot and left themselves no back door. In the real world, the worst prophecies of doom usually don’t come to pass whereas the worst disasters that do occur are seldom predicted by anyone.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sins (and Karma) Erased!

This story was originally posted on Facebook in BayNatics, 11-4-2013, a group that follows The Church of His Presence in Mobile, Alabama. The group was founded by Debi Smith. Janie is one of the members.

By Janie Grippeling (her words just as she posted it)

I have something to share. I was woken up at 4 am this morning, feeling under heavy condemnation. Now in the past when I felt under condemnation I felt I needed to be punished and would start self-abusing. At 4 am I got up and had a cup of tea, and a chat with God. The song More and More kept singing in my head, "All we need is more of Him, His Love endures for ever". The Lord was not condemning me, in a way I was condemning myself because I thought I was disobeying God in something. So I just prayed that I wanted to know Him more and more. I went back to bed with Romans 8:1, "There is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus".

I drifted off to sleep .... in the dream I was being taken to the point of self abuse but I said "No!!!" Then I heard a gentle voice saying "Well done child! You have won a battle this night!".

This morning in my prayer time, I forgave myself for condemning myself and asked the Lord to forgive me for the times in the past I self-abused because I felt I needed to be punished, and I also asked Him to forgive me for condemning myself.

The Lord then gave me this picture, and I saw it is a new dimension: I saw a piece of paper with all writing on it ..... my sins, then I saw a blood spreading all over the paper until it had covered the whole page, not a piece of that paper was left with no blood on it. Then the blood disappeared and the page was white as snow. All the time I was getting this picture the song Oh the blood of Jesus it washes white as snow, I was singing it out loud. The Spirit said to me "what do you see?"

"A clean piece of paper", I said

"Your sins are blotted out, NEVER to be remembered!!"

Then again He said, "Now what do you see?"

Then before my eyes the piece of paper burst into flames until there was nothing to see, not even ashes. Then the Spirit said, "Never again can the enemy use these things against you, the Blood of Jesus has set you completely free!!"

The I looked up and saw the hand of Jesus, His hand has bleeding, but it had taken just one drop of His Blood to cleanse me white as snow. I cried as I saw His beautiful hands bleeding. He did it all for me. He has done it for you.

This picture was so real ... I saw it in the supernatural realm of the Spirit, it had depth I have never seen before. We are in a battle, the enemy wants to bring us down to his level he does not want us to soar in God's Supernatural realm. Stomp your foot on him good and hard.

We have a loving Father and a Lamb on His right side who bled and died for us. Jesus is the Victor \0/

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Travesty of the Mormon Book of Abraham


It’s a 25 minute Youtube video presentation from MormonHistoryEtc, narrated and produced by an unnamed, young-sounding man. It’s the best explanation of the history of the Joseph Smith Papyri and the so-called Book of Abraham that you’ll ever hear. The Book of Abraham does not exist in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament canon, although the characters of Joseph and Abraham appear in the Book of Genesis. The Book of Abraham was an alleged special revelation to Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS church. His translation of a 2000-year-old Egyptian scroll is today an important canonical document in the Mormon Church.

The above video is so clear and well illustrated that it’s idiot proof. And, it uses an article written by my son Christopher Smith and his mathematical associate Andrew Cook as a source.

The link demonstrates that the two papyri claiming to be the writings of Joseph and Abraham of the Old Testament are not at all what Joseph Smith claimed. His supernatural translation is false. They are simply ancient Egyptian writings from the Book of the Dead and the Book of Breathings. They came to America in the early 1800’s with four mummies. Smith’s interpretation of the illustrations on the scrolls are not even close to the actual Egyptian events depicted. You decide for yourself whether the scholarly Mormon explanations for these errors have any credibility, but the video author pretty well buries them.

The final question seems to be: what was Joseph Smith thinking when he made these claims?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Virgin Mary of Bayside, New York and Lucifer

I have expended a lot of energy on previous blogs demonstrating the alleged Blessed Virgin Mary’s rise to power and influence from the 1500’s to today. I blogged about the profound differences in personality, method of operation, and theology between Bayside Mary and Medjugorje Mary. I’ve suggested that none of these Marys were the mother of Jesus, but were a demonic manifestation and deception associated with UFO technology.

In this post I’m going to suggest that Bayside Mary is actually Lucifer himself. Please understand, I am NOT bashing the Catholic Church, but I am saying that it has been seduced by a charming, cunning, convincing phantom, one that knows exactly how to push buttons, manipulate, play on emotions, sentiment, beliefs, and fears, and how to create drama and crisis in order to push the hesitant over the edge toward compliance. The Catholic Church should have known better, but ‘Mary’ is really good at what she does. She has snookered devout children, committed adults, men, women, priests, bishops, popes, lay people, some Protestants, and godly Catholic theologians.

It has taken me about three years of study on the topic to finally come to a firm enough opinion to openly call a spade a spade. And in my book ‘Mary’ is the paranormal Queen of spades.

It’s important to understand that when one is actually seeing a ghost, demon, alien, or biblical personality, what you see is not necessarily what you get. A good example is found in Derrell Sims’ book Alien Hunter, p. 252 (also see my post from 2012 “What Aliens Really Do”). Sims counseled a male abductee who was being pressed to do something he found repugnant. The beautiful female entity appealed to him in a sweet voice until he resisted a little too long. Then she morphed into a familiar male alien who began to inflict pain on his victim. The lesson there is that sweet Mary may not be a female entity at all. The beautiful garments, the motherly voice, the crown with stars, etc. could all be a screen.

I found myself so overwhelmed by the thousands of messages on the website for Bayside, NY ( that I ordered the whole series of locutions in a six-volume set. I may be plodding my way through these six books until I’m 85. As of now, I’m only into Volume 1, 1970 to 1973, and I’m about halfway through. What I have already read is both riveting and appalling. Below are some samples of BM’s declarations in the first part of Volume 1, representing about 1 year. There just wasn’t space for more in this brief essay.

The Eagle

The eagle is plucked. He will not rise again. [July 15, 1970]
Veronica saw in vision the eagle [the U.S.]. It was most frightening, for the eagle was a blackened, charred skeleton. [Sept. 7, 1970]

This is a repeated theme with Bayside Mary. The U.S. is seen repeatedly as plucked, flattened, charred, and defeated. If we say our Rosaries, we might survive beneath her mantle.

The Chastisement, Also Called the Ball of Redemption, a Comet That Will Hit the Earth

I saw men, women, and children all rushing panic stricken along a road, fleeing some devastation of horror…Along the roadways I saw blackened bodies, charred bodies! I screamed, “No! No! Save us, Mother of God! Please save us!”  [Aug. 14, 1970]
I have come to warn you, My children. The hour grows short. I roam the nations crying for souls, for the Chastisement is imminent. Repent! A blackened moon…a bleeding sun…holes in the earth…high waves…screaming voices…all quiet…cities leveled. [Sept. 7, 1970]
I saw large ocean waves, extremely high--at least twelve feet, along the coast. The huge waves arose very high. Large holes and wide cracks appeared in the earth. I could see tall buildings seemingly drop into these holes. It was most frightening.  [Dec. 26, 1970]

BM specializes in terrifying threats and images, just as abusive parents do and as aliens do to their abductees. Aliens feed on victim emotions, and the horrendous threat frightens many of us into thinking that we need their help to survive as a planet.

If mankind rejects Mary and her Son, life on earth as we know it will end. Earth is going to be struck by a comet which would kill millions. Mary wails repeatedly throughout the decades about the millions of souls that will fall into hell when it hits. Jean Dixon, a Catholic seeress, made a similar prediction and put the date at 1985. In fact, if Earth were hit by a comet or planetoid, all life on earth could end. That prediction was 43 years ago.

The Power of the Rosary to Protect, Save Souls, and Repel Darkness

My Rosary will be the light of the world. [July 1, 1970]
My Rosary can hold back the darkness. My Rosary can reach out and save those souls already going down to the abyss. [Aug. 5, 1970; Sept. 14, 1970]
Keep your Rosary about your neck-- not for decoration, but to pray, to have it always with you.
Pray always. Save souls, your Rosary in your hands.  [Sept. 7, 1970]
Those who remain true to My Rosary will not be touched by the fires. [Oct. 6, 1970]

Thus, we participate in the salvation of souls, using the Rosary as a tool. This has NO foundation in the Bible. We actually should never cease to pray for the unbeliever, but this statement exalts the Rosary as a tool to make that happen, putting Mary in the front and removing the work of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God from the process.

Mary commands, begs, pleads for her children to wear scapulas and medals (designed by herself and revealed to various saints to glorify herself, p.24) as well as a St. Benedict medal and Rosaries around the neck at all times because agents of Satan are everywhere. The implication is that our Baptism, our walk with God, and our faith in Jesus Christ is insufficient to protect us when doom hits and evil walks the streets. Very few Catholics wear Rosaries and scapulas around their necks. I recall a season in my life when I wore one. Since the talismans were for putting the wearer under Mary’s protection, I guess we Protestants and adherents of every other religion would burn up and be one of the millions falling into the abyss.

The Antichrist

Mary claims repeatedly that the Antichrist, the man of perdition is in America and Armageddon is at hand, p. 39, 54, 55, 76. He will proceed on into Egypt and Israel and will bring Russia from the North. [Feb. 1, 1971] Like a classic cult leader, Mary tells her followers to wear their sacramentals and bar their doors against any people that they don’t know.

Remember January 21, 1971. This was the day, My children, when the man of perdition came to your city and entered your church.  [Feb. 11, 1971]
Keep the armor on you--your Rosary, your crucifix around your neck, or you, too, will receive the stamp of the man of perdition…Armageddon! Armageddon!  [May 30, 1971]
Compare Mary’s armor to Ephesians 6 in which the followers of Christ put on the armor of God. To suggest another armor is to promote another gospel! And Paul the Apostle tells us that only demons will do that, (2 Corinthians 11:4). So who actually was the Antichrist? Maybe he was abducted in Egypt and never got to Israel.

Later in the volumes, Mary will wail that the Antichrist and the forces of 666 are actually in the Vatican. She doesn’t seem to be pointing to any of the popes, except of course, the evil anti-pope planned to replace Paul VI, who will be incapacitated or killed.

Mary as Co-Redemptress

Remember, My children, Heaven and earth will pass away--all will be as white. But I hold the key to the Kingdom given by My Son. No one will come to the Father but through My Son. Stay under My mantle, My children, you will find peace. Reject Me or My Son, and the end of life as you know it will be hastened.  am the Advocate of peace, the Mediatrix between God and man, abundant with graces for the asking. I am now the guardian of the cross. I stand beneath the cross; I shed My blood beneath the cross.  [Sept. 7, 1970]
As My Father’s Advocate from Heaven, I tell you that your days are counted. Your country as you know it will be destroyed.  [Apr. 10, 1971]

In these statements, Mary has usurped six titles and descriptors of Jesus Christ, the very things that make Him the Savior/Redeemer. In the Bible, Jesus has been given the keys of the kingdom (Rev. 1:18; 3:7). In Rev. 9:1 a fallen angel was given a key “to the shaft of the abyss.” Perhaps this is the key that BM was given. We are sheltered beneath the Father’s wing, and Jesus is the one who gives us peace, (John 14:27). He is our Advocate before the Father (1 John 2:1). He is the Mediator between God and man, (1 Timothy 2:5), and Jesus alone shed the blood that atones for sin. Mary’s blood is not required, thank you. Mary has inserted herself between mankind and Jesus, the first line in the salvation process. She has gradually replaced our need for Him. And Catholics think they are not actually worshiping Mary!

Mary’s Immaculate Heart

Resist the knife that threatens to cut Holy Church asunder, for my Immaculate Heart will triumph over all evil. [Aug. 14, 1970]

Mary would have her followers commit their lives as they rise in the morning and as they go to bed at night to the protection of her Immaculate Heart. There is so much more to say about this, but I did cover the subject in my other Marian posts.

Mary’s Title as Light Bearer

Candles must be carried at all vigils, to be lighted at the time of twelve to herald the new day of the Feast. As candles are lighted, this prayer is to be said,

Mary, Light of the world, pray for us!
Our Lady of the Roses, pray for us!
Mary, Help of Mothers, pray for us!

Over and over again.  [June 19, 1970]

At the first publication of these blasphemous statements, Pope Paul VI should have had his representatives contact Veronica and commanded her to stop. The Gospels clearly tell us that Jesus Christ is the Light of the world (John 1:4,5). We should pray to the Father in His Name. There is no other Name by which we may be saved (Acts 4:12). But who could resist Mary, Lady of the Roses and the Help of Mothers. It sounds so sweet, like vanilla pudding. The repetition of the prayer is a mantra that energizes the Mary spirit and makes an environment for her to possess the intercessor.

Be not guided by fear, but by prayer. Fear not the darkness, for I carry the light. [Sept. 14, 1970; Mar. 24, 1971]
Yes, I am truly the Mediatrix of peace, the Mediatrix between God and man. I have been given the light by my Son to hold back the darkness.  [July 1, 1971]

Who is the Light bearer in the Old and New Testament? The name Lucifer means “light bearer.” Yes, I could go into a linguistic study of Isaiah 14:12, NKJV, where the name is first found, but that is not necessary, because this is Lucifer’s private joke, a little chuckle between himself and his demons. Veronica is not a linguist, so he is communicating on her level and that of the average Catholic. Apparently no one caught the irony. The ‘Mary’ entity is actually the devil himself.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The 1970s and 80s, A Time of Upheaval and Confusion for the Catholic Church

Sources: Malachi Martin, The Jesuits, 1987;  Wayne Weible, Medjugorje, the Mission, 1994 and Medjugorje, the Message, 1989;;;; and Wikipedia.
John XXIII (1958-1963) was right…the Catholic Church needed to reform, to change, to breathe some of the fresh air of the increasingly global atmosphere on the mid-to-late 1900’s. It needed to rethink certain dogmas such as birth control, the infallibility of the pope, the traditional garb of nuns, the Latin Mass, the elitist view of salvation, etc. That’s all Pope John wanted to accomplish with Vatican II (1962-1965). He worried that the reshuffling or airing out of long-held dogmatics might get out of control, gliding away down the “slippery slope,” but his advisors assured him that it would only invigorate the church and bring renewal through modernization.

The Theologians

The late Malachi Martin (in The Jesuits, 1987), a Jesuit who left the order, wrote extensively as a journalist and theologian on the aforementioned decades of the Catholic Church. The church of Pope John was already slowly unraveling. Sea changes in theological thought were facilitated by a few extremely influential and famous seminary theologians. Karl Rahner (1904-1984), for example, “…was the leader in what can be aptly described as the wolf-pack of Catholic theologians who, since 1965, have lacerated and shredded not merely the flanks but the very substance of Catholicism” (p.22). He attacked sixteen centuries of Catholic beliefs such as “…the integrity of Christ’s person; the meaning and value of the Seven Sacraments; the existence of Heaven and Hell; the divine character of the authority of the bishops; the truth of the Bible; the primacy and infallibility of the pope; the character of priesthood; the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of Mary, Christ’s mother--all would be up for grabs” (p.24). “He taught several generations how to consume their own faith with logic, skepticism, and disobedience” (p.25).

Of course, Protestant denominations have the same challenge. Seminaries become more and more liberal/secular as the decades roll on. The great challenge of religious education as I see it is to separate what is cultural from what God is actually doing and saying. As a Protestant who was raised Catholic, I can sympathize with some of Rahner’s points, but many Evangelical scholars would reject much of such modernization.

A group of French Jesuits called La Penseé followed the lead of Tielhard de Chardin in challenging foundational doctrine such as creation, Latin liturgy, the authority of the pope, the divinity of Jesus, and the church’s teaching on Original Sin. Before the ‘70’s were over, Jesuits and a few other religious orders were in such a state of rebellion against the traditional practice and teaching of the church that author Martin describes an open war between the papacy and the orders. These new ideas did not necessarily flow down to the Catholic on the street, but they influenced the priesthood dramatically.

The Modernist, Marxist Jesuits, Maryknolls, and Dominicans of South America

Decades ago, I heard the term Liberation Theology, but I never knew what it meant until I read Martin’s book. Compassionate Jesuits, already primed by Modernist influences, sympathized with their poverty stricken Latino congregations to the point that they left their monasteries and lived with the people. They did not, however, cease to be called priests, monks, or nuns. They lived on the Catholic name and funds. However, they ignored the lessons of Communism in Eastern Europe. They rebelled against the excesses of Capitalism, which seemed to keep the people exploited and suppressed, and favored Marxism, including its program of violent revolution and class warfare, as the solution to the world’s ills. When Popes Paul VI and later John Paul II protested vigorously, they met with delaying tactics, manipulation, unbelievable disrespect, disobedience, and deception.

As for Pope John Paul I, the predecessor of JP II for 33 days, web tales still abound about a poisoned glass of champagne which disappeared as soon as he was found dead in bed. On his nightstand there was a speech he had intended to deliver to the Jesuit leaders at their international General Congregation in 1978. In the speech was a veiled threat that if the Jesuits continued confusing the Catholic faithful with heretical beliefs, he would disband the order. Of course, the speech was never delivered. Furthermore, JP I had a dossier on the Vatican Bank and their shady dealings. There is good reason to wonder if the man was murdered.

Martin’s book also helped me appreciate the trials of JP II. He was a fit and active man in his youth, but in 1981 he was hit with 2 or 3 bullets by a Turkish assassin. Then (allegedly by mistake), he was sent to a regular hospital rather than the Vatican clinic, and allegedly by mistake he was given regular blood rather than the blood that was laid aside for him at the Vatican. The blood transfusion gave him hepatitis, disrupting his recovery and debilitated his resolve to reform or disband the Jesuits. When he visited Nicaragua in 1983 to confront the priests that had morphed into the Sandinistas, his speech was drowned out by catcalls and shouting. His reception was so humiliating that he was shaking with anger.

When the Sandinistas became the new oppressor, a new group called the Contras arose to overthrow them. The U.S. supported the Contras, who were not communists, by selling weapons to Iran through Israel. It evolved into an illegal arms for hostages deal. Seven hostages were released, and some of the arms money was funneled secretly to the Nicaraguan Contras. President Reagan managed to slither out of any proven association with the deal, and all administration officials who were indicted and convicted were pardoned by George H.W. Bush when he became president. (Wikipedia)

In spite of ongoing health issues, JP II was greatly loved and lasted until 2005. During those years however, the Catholic priesthood was plagued with growing numbers of homosexual and pedophile priests. The modernists had no problem with the homosexuals, but the pedophiles were being protected and shuffled from parish to parish, a policy approved by the higher authorities of the Church. Catholics were baling out of the church and thriving in Evangelical churches. Candidates for the religious orders were declining in numbers.
 Pope John Paul I, murdered?

The Charismatics

During the late ‘60s through ‘80s the Charismatic Renewal was going strong amongst many Catholics, including priests and nuns. I handed a copy of The Cross and the Switchblade to a couple of Jesuits who found it to be extremely encouraging. Tongues and prophecy were gifts manifested in special meetings attended by both Catholics and Protestants. My mother thought I had joined a loony cult until she realized that Catholic priests were also speaking in tongues and talking about being baptized in the Holy Spirit. This trend was an interesting counter movement to the growing ranks of Modernists.

The Marian Apparitions

I’ve already blogged at length about Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, but in those posts I wasn’t able to pin the wailings of Bayside Mary to events in the Vatican. Nor did I do an extensive analysis of Medjugorje Mary. Bayside Mary is easy to lampoon because of the shrill absurdities, threats, scoldings, declarations about the plots to assassinate two popes, the evil Curia, Vatican II, the forces of 666 in the Vatican, worldly nuns, homosexual priests, abused children, and various horrendous apocalyptic scenarios which will destroy most of the population of the earth. By contrast, MM was so bland and politically correct that it’s hard to find a seam to pick at. In a country where Muslims, Eastern Orthodox Catholics, Roman Catholics, and secular communists live in tense proximity, you’d better believe MM cannot foster ethnic violence by condemning all non-Roman Catholics to Hell. In contrast, BM declares that all lapsed Catholics are doomed. MM calls for people to respect all religions because only those who absolutely knowingly reject God and Jesus actually go to the hot place. The Croatian Jesus accepts people of all religions.

MM continually called for prayer, penance, fasting, peace, and turning away from the world and materialism. She encouraged the charismatics who made pilgrimage to her meetings. BM, rather, warned her children to reject the seeking of the Spirit. She hated guitars, women who work outside the home, and hussy nuns who wore skirts above their knees. Veronica Leuken, the seeress of NY, saw Hell swallowing one such nun. What would BM think of Jesus receiving Muslims and Hindus? BM also warned the world about UFOs being instruments of Hell, a topic not mentioned by MM.

MM ends each of hundreds of brief messages with the phrase “Thank you for responding to my call.” Through the Christmas holidays, she invites all to come to “little Jesus” in her arms. It reinforces an image of big Mama Mary and little Baby Jesus. Did he wear diapers back then? Her messages are so repetitive, they are hardly compelling. Even around the time when the Twin Towers fell and the Iraq War began, or all through the Gulf Wars, MM’s messages in Croatia were bereft of any substantial answers, direction, confrontation, or information. BM, however, never ceased to make demands and new rules, and to scold the leadership for being lax and corrupt.

The difference in agenda and personality is so stark that Catholic officials could not believe that both were the same Mary (and neither can I), so strife began as to which was the real deal. There were healings and miracles in both camps. Lives were changed in both locations. Miraculous photos were developed in NY while the sun seemed to dance in Medjugorje. Silver rosary chains turned to gold in the pockets of pilgrims.

BM repeatedly ranted in anger about the Third Secret of Fatima not being revealed when it was supposed to be. She declared that the secret was that Satan had entered the highest levels of the Vatican (Pope Paul VI agreed). Well, what pope would reveal that? MM didn’t mention the secret at all, nor had any word about popes.

MM does not make the claim to be Co-Redemptress or the Queen of Heaven, but the emphasis on the Rosary and the IH as the answer to the world’s ills puts MM firmly in the center of Redemption and Grace. Both declare that Mary’s IH is a path to Jesus and Jesus is the path to God. BM claims to be the Mediatrix of all grace, among other exalted titles. In fact, the Fatima apparition and other apparitions are very much about the IHM and global devotion to it.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary has openly been receiving Catholic devotion since the 1600s. A vision of ‘the Miraculous Medal’ appeared to Catherine Laboure in 1830. This was one of ‘Mary’s’ major stepped up campaigns to increase devotion to herself in the world. An image of her IH is set next to the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. His and Her hearts sit beneath a cross and a large M. Twelve stars surround the whole image, suggesting that Mary is the Woman Clothed with the Sun in the Book of Revelations, in which the apocalyptic woman is crowned with 12 stars. On the other side is a picture of Mary, not Jesus. This medal, according to the Mary of 1830, is what will protect the wearer days of judgment attacks of the devil. BM commands that medals and scapulas never be removed from the necks of Catholics and their children to protect them from the brutal days of God’s wrath (the Ball of Redemption, the antichrist, the plague that will destroy millions of children, etc.), not to mention the devil, who comes lurking just outside the door to attack us and destroy our offspring.

    This image taken from Wikipedia,

Another theme shared by the Marys is that of suffering. MM informs us that no great penance is needed to get to heaven, but some seers and special saints are allowed to suffer rather than be healed because those sufferings can help mitigate the judgment of others. BM is all about suffering as an aid to help sinners and souls in Purgatory.

And then there is the necessity of constant Rosaries. Rosaries will save the world. Rosaries create the divine energy that can stop wars, turn back disasters, convert the sinner. In spite of all the Rosaries, inhabitants of the Middle East are shredding each other over religion and ethnic power struggles. The world is continually on the brink of nuclear war. Capitalism is running amok in the West and has corrupted all levels of government. The middle class in America is disappearing. Sin has not abated among the secular citizens nor among the Catholic priesthood. BM was right about quite a few of her complaints, but then again, the Bible tells us that Satan is the accuser of the brethren.

Mary of Fatima’s demand that Russia be dedicated to her IH was fulfilled twice, once by Pope Pius XII in 1952 and again by John Paul II in 1982. The Berlin Wall did fall in 1989, and communism’s grip on the world has lessened, but although Paul’s consecration is quite beautiful, full of references to Christ and a plea for the world to be delivered from evil and war, Russia has not yet been converted. You can read about these consecrations here. As a bookend statement by Paul VI that the smoke of Satan had entered the Vatican (the Curia), John Paul II stated that the church could not be reformed during his administration. He had apparently given up. He refused to reveal the contents of the Third Secret. It was finally released by Benedict XVI, but many Catholics refuse to believe that it is the real secret. You can read it here.

I personally think that if Catholics would pitch their Rosaries and Marian medals in the ocean, the world would be better off. If one ‘BVM’ can be false, any of them can. Devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Heart hasn’t brought peace or redemption to the Earth. Rather, if these apparitions are evil spirits, actual UFO-related deceptions, the rosaries only open portals to invite them into our dimension. Recall that in the story of the Gulf Breeze Six, ‘Mary’ and several other New Testament characters allegedly communicated through a Ouija Board to 6 young, naïve American intelligence officials in Germany. It was a brilliant, but terrible deception. Furthermore, the spinning disc seen at Fatima and Medjugorje was NOT the sun. It was something that many UFO witnesses have seen in which colors fly off a spinning disc. Fatima Mary appeared out of a cloaked UFO.

I’m not enough of an expert on the state of the Catholic Church to analyze what is happening today with Pope Frances. However, according to the prophecy of St. Malachy, this is the last pope. In his day, says the seer, Rome is supposed to be destroyed. Thus, I am not done with the theme of the Catholic Church. In my next post, I want to write about that prophecy, again drawing from the expertise of others.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hell is Coming to Earth to Claim the Living

Ever since I blogged about Ted Rice and Vance Davis, I've wondered what happened to them. I've googled their names on the web, but didn't find much of current interest other than the fact that others are equally interested in updates on these men. I recently ran across the website, so I wrote James Bartley, who along with Grant Vixberg runs the site, and asked if he knew anything of their current whereabouts. His answer:

Thanks for contacting me. As far as I know, and I hope I'm wrong, but Vance Davis passed away a few years back.  I remember the news was being passed around the internet.

Ted Rice has had health issues for a long time now. As far as I know, Ted is still alive but I have no means of contacting him. I briefly corresponded with him in the late '90s/early 2000s but that email addy is no longer valid.

If anyone knows any more than that, please contact me. Seeing as we are both bloggers, James added a few other tidbits. If you have a heart condition, hit the escape button now. The Bible tells us that in the last days, men's hearts will be failing them for fear of the things coming on the earth. And Jesus stated that if he didn't return when he did, "no flesh would be saved." Lots of us are thinking, "Now would be a good time, Lord." No pressure, no rush. Anytime in the next few weeks would be great. After reading several attached files sent to me by a reader, one of which was from the angelfire blog, I have concluded that hell isn't waiting for people to die. Hell is coming to earth to claim the living. Nor does a person have to be evil to fall into the clutches of those horrid entities. Even children are vulnerable for whatever reason. So James added, [and I simply cut and pasted, but couldn't resist fixing some typos]

The archontic/reptilian/demonic forces are in a frenzy right now. The veils between worlds are thinning.. there IS a new/old planet (Planet X/Nibiru) that is inbound into our solar system and has been showing up in lots of photos and videos. The presence of this planet and its entourage are contributing to the Earth changes and accelerating the pole shift in my estimation.

The North Pole has radically shifted in just the last two hundred years. Sinkholes are appearing all over the world and fireballs are falling out of the sky like they are going out of style.

Well, I don't know about North Pole shifts, but the north is melting away faster than anyone predicted. Not too worried about sinkholes, but when jumbo jets hit invisible objects at 30,000' that bend in half the nose cone, or when birds just fall out of the sky with signs of trauma, you get the feeling that something stealthy is creeping around in our atmosphere. And the meteor over Russia, what if it had hit the earth, or been larger than it was? Did some angelic being zap it with a death ray before it landed?

As for Planet X, in the book Exo-Vaticana (a future blog topic,) the authors visit the Vatican  telescopes on Mt. Graham in Tuscon, Arizona. One is called the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) and the other is the Large Binocular Telescope Near Infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extraglactic Research (L.U.C.I.F.E.R). With it, Catholic astronomers look for alien life and frequently view UFOs. They speculate as to whether some kind of global messianic event will materialize from the UFO-related occurrences of today. The book authors cite a statement of former Jesuit Malachi Martin:

Because the mentality...amongst those who [are] at the...highest levels of Vatican administration and geopolitics, know...what's going on in space, and what's approaching us, could be of great import in the next five years, ten years. p. 21

The good news is that 10 years has passed and nothing of import has dropped in on us from outer space, and that includes the Ball of Redemption predicted by the Virgin Mary apparition in Bayside, NY or the comet predicted for 1985 by Jean Dixon. But tomorrow's another day.

By the way, there is some strong stuff on the angelfire website. Parental guidance is recommended, and that is even for you, the parent.


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Did Yahweh Impede the Progress of Mankind?

I recently received a negative comment on my posts about resisting alien abductions. One strong recommendation that I make is prayer, but it needs to be prayer to the correct Higher Power. The name of Jesus has probably been the most effective means of banishing aliens. However, not all agree. Here is the comment that came through. While I mean no disrespect to the responder, I think it would be worthwhile to unpack the response line by line and take a close look at it. I’ve read these arguments before and understand perfectly where they are coming from.

“Do you realize that most of your religious beliefs were based on worshipping beings...FLESH and blood beings from other worlds?”

A goodly number of serious UFO researchers today, including Whitley Strieber and Jacques Vallee, question whether the “aliens” are actually from other worlds or planets. Rather, they may well be simply from other dimensions. As for being flesh and blood, no one has ever seen an alien, demon, or a ghost bleed. They can disappear, fade away like evaporating mist, walk through a door or wall, but they don’t tend to bleed because they are not flesh and blood. They can interact with our dimension by changing matter (changing the vibrations of molecules?) here, but they can’t stay for long. They don’t really look like us. Some of what we see from Otherworld may be the spirits of deceased humans, but other entities were never human. Even if they were flesh and blood from other worlds (planets) they wouldn’t necessarily be human in the sense of homo sapiens.

I suggest that you read some literature other then the bible before you make suggestions about what people do to avoid abductions.

I’ve read plenty, as reflected in my blog posts, and one thing that comes through in some of that literature is that quite a few “aliens” lie, deliberately terrify people, offer phony technology to trap people into useless obsessions about saving the world, they do experiments on people without their permission, they use women for breeding purposes, impregnating them and then kidnapping their fetus, they kidnap our children in order to implant their agenda into the child’s destiny, they mimic the Virgin Mary, they use screen memories to hide their deeds, use screens to hide what they look like, rape both men and women, manipulate people with flattery and so-called appointed destinies, they try to possess people, and they often leave scars and illnesses. I’ve also read that the name of Jesus can in many cases interrupt an abduction and even free the abductor from further harassment. In other words, there is a huge overlap between the behavior of aliens and demons. This has been noted in quite a few UFO sources.

Also remember that according to your own beliefs human are the "cattle" of the gods and we were not created for knowledge of the gods.

To be the cattle of aliens and the “cattle” of Yahweh are two very different things. It’s the aliens who leave a trail of dead and mutilated cattle in their wake. Each cow thus destroyed costs the rancher $1000 to $2000. It’s the aliens who (occasionally) get accused of eating humans or using blood for sustenance. If the aliens ever accuse us of being cattle, head for the hills. But when King David, Israel’s second monarch, wrote Psalm 23 comparing himself to a well-cared for sheep, he certainly wasn’t writing as one who had been held back. Rather he had been lifted from being an obscure young shepherd to being King of a new nation, one that had begun as captive slaves in Egypt. David was metaphorically elucidating the kindness and nurturing of his Lord. Peace, protection from predators, good pasture (food), protection from unnecessary diseases, a loving guide in the presence of the threat of death, and vindication in the presence of enemies. These are all the very reasons why humans seek the aid of any higher power. There is no reference in the Bible in which people are compared to dumb cattle unless the metaphor is showing negative characteristics in the motives and actions of specific people.

 And your god's angles frequently destroyed civilizations he perceived to be too advanced.

This is a worthy accusation. The Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Bible, Genesis through Deuteronomy) has some grievous commandments pertaining to treatment of the Canaanites who were doomed to be defeated. “Show them no mercy” and “kill them all” is a cry often heard in the heat of battle, even today, and even from American lips. Genocide is a word that every 5th grader today understands. In the heat of moving into a new land, clashing with native inhabitants, and foraging for food along the way, it’s quite possible that zealous scribes put words into Yahweh’s mouth that He didn’t actually say. Deuteronomy 10:19 tells the Israelites to love the foreigner in their land because they were foreigners in Egypt. Yet, Deut. 7:1-3 commands to destroy the nations that they defeat. There were to be no treaties with them nor intermarriage. For one thing, if you utterly destroy your enemy, there is no one with whom to intermarry, suggesting that destruction was never total. Thus the warning. Why did Yahweh favor Israel over those other nations? Perhaps because the Canaanites worshiped multiple gods made of wood and stone, deities thought to require child sacrifice, temple prostitution, and black magical arts. These deities, limited to specific regions, needed to be clothed and fed and needed to be rescued in times of captivity. Yahweh made it clear that there was no similarity between Himself and those deities.

In my opinion you are on the wrong team. Remember the "evil" or fallen angels are the ones who tried to help by giving us knowledge.

This Gnostic doctrine is being revived today by followers of a neo-gnostic, serpent-oriented religion. Evil angels, demons, or aliens bless people in order to ultimately impede and hurt them. Good angels often allow hurt and delays in order to ultimately bless. God slows us down, but doesn’t thwart us in the end. He turns our knowledge into wisdom. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” The four New Testament gospels show the goodness of God as manifested in His Son, Jesus Christ, who came to bless knowledge with healing and wisdom that comes from above and not from below.

Think about it you might change your mind about who you are empowering through your prayers.

So you agree that prayer is empowering? Good, because it is, either for good or for evil. So here we stand again, just like Adam and Eve in the Garden, listening to the call of two antithetical entities, both offering life and good things to come, both requiring exclusive loyalty. Now think about how the story is written. Yahweh and his heavenly council decide to create mankind in his own image. Yet, until both had eaten the fruit God could not fully declare that “the man has become like us, knowing good and evil.” So without that sentient understanding, mankind was only potentially like God. In that, the serpent was correct. It’s always good to mix a little truth in a lie. Yet, apparently it was always God’s plan that mankind come to that understanding. Civilization is not possible without it. But once coming to that place of choice and understanding, mankind must live with the consequences of the choices that we make. We don’t punish a 2-year-old the same way we do a 12-year-old or a 22-year-old. Mankind grew up and left the nest. What happens after that inevitable event depends on who the humans are following.

The real God exists within us all and all you need to do reach that being is self reflection.

Yes, that was the promise of the serpent. It’s a nice thought, but it just ain’t true. All the amazing things that humans seem to be able to do when we get our godhood on is nothing more than us channeling inter-dimensional entities who are the ones enabling all those amazing gifts.

All those others beings are just like you and me...flesh and blood just older and more advanced both technologically and biologically.

Jesus made it clear that God is Spirit and seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). Psalm 143:10: “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” God would not allow images of Himself to be crafted because He is NOT flesh and blood, he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t sleep, he never tires. All these can be found in the Bible. You say the Scriptures are unreliable. But your sources that helped you form your opinion ARE reliable? How do you know?

And remember Jesus is the result of a visit from one of those other beings.

Then why didn’t he look like them? What are all these tales about regarding a new hybrid species, part alien and part human? And those who claim to have seen such hybrid beings say they don’t look like us. Aliens can’t just come to earth and walk around. They are apparently trying to reinvent themselves, and they are not doing a great job of it because they are not enrolling their so called offspring into our schools. If the Bible has anything to tell us, it’s that there is God and there is the Serpent. There is a way of Life and a way of death. The way of death looks good, just like the fruit on that Tree. The way to life can be difficult and challenging. The spirit God of the Old and New Testaments shows us the path of Life. The Serpent is the Lord of Death.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Los Alamos National Laboratory Disappears a Deceased Employee

Source: Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, Exo-Vaticana, Defender Publishing, Crane, MO: 2013, pp. 445-464, and, posted May 20, 2006.

The abduction story in this post is typical in many ways, but unique in one aspect. It concretely brings together a UFO sighting, the alien abduction experience, and a top secret US Government facility called Los Alamos National Laboratories.

It is also unusual because it began in 1964, a few years before the Barney and Betty Hill saga of abduction. The Horn family troubles seem to have been precipitated by Clarence Horn, an Arizona police officer. While hunting in a remote neck of the woods, he found some strange, perfectly round craters in the ground. Each hole was about 20 feet across and 8 feet deep with smooth, glassy sides, which oddly enabled the holes to hold water. Each hole had a deer in it that had drowned trying to drink the water. There was no sign of construction or military activity in the vicinity.

Clarence took some photos and reported the holes to the police department where he worked. He also led a man from the Army Corps of Engineers to the site, but no one had any idea how the holes could have been made. To spare the wildlife, they were filled with rocks. Once The Phoenix Gazette wrote an article about it, the case seemed closed. This region was also famous for the 1975 Travis Walton case, in which a group of loggers saw one of their group be transported into a UFO.

A few days after the craters were discovered, an aunt who lived a few houses down from Clarence saw a UFO hovering over the Horn family home in El Mirage. She didn’t know what it was or what to call it at the time. The family essentially dismissed that report as being too weird to pursue. No one had a clue that Clarence’s discovery of the craters had opened a paranormal portal into which poured illness, terror, death, and mystery.

A few weeks later, Clarence’s daughter Vida awoke at 2 am screaming about short, bald-headed beings in her room, accompanied by a sulfurous smell. When family members came rushing in, the beings just vaporized. Up to that point, she had been a happy, popular teenager, but after that night she slowly descended into illness and depression.

Tom wrote in 2006, “For years following, my older sister would wake up at night with small gray “creatures” around her bed (my research shows that her first 'visit' coupled with her age and the beginning of menstruation might not have been a coincidence). This started long before the classic 'abduction' scenario was defined. Though we never spoke openly of this as a family, my sister shared privately with me about the experiences, but is loathe to speak of it anymore. Today my sister suffers from many physical debilitations. So many I've lost count. Slowly I've learned that her 'visitations' continue and include many of the same phenomena reported by other so-called abductees. She's experienced lost time, had waking nightmares of small beings pulling her from her bed by the feet, and so on.

[For two Eternal Gateways blog post descriptions of small beings pulling people out of bed by their feet, see the interview with Charles Osborne and the Claudia King story.]

The family members weren’t Christians at the time, but eventually both Tom and Amil became pastors. Amil joined the Assembly of God denomination. Tom in particular wanted to understand what was going on with UFOs and aliens, so he began to read everything he could get his hands on.

 One thing became clear to Horn: The activity seemed demonic, but it was not possession; this was something else. He had worked for years in exorcism with a team of specialists, and so-called alien abduction was a malevolence of an entirely different kind. He wanted to understand and combat it.” Two books aided his research: The Cosmic Conspiracy by Stan Deyo and The Omega Conspiracy by Dr. I.D.E. Thomas. Through Thomas, Horn learned of the Brian Scott story, in which some of the alien creatures were about 7 feet tall, and others were 9 feet.

Vida eventually married a nuclear physicist that Tom calls “Joey.” Joey worked on nuclear and biological warfare in San Diego, but he was eventually transferred to Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL). [I find it intriguing that Horn picked a name for Vida's husband that sounds a bit like a mob name.]

Rumors have abounded for years as to what goes on at LANL. Originally it was associated with the Manhattan Project in WWII. Today unsubstantiated myths fly about underground tunnels leading to an alien base beneath Archuleta Mesa, alien bodies, and other paranormal events.

For another story about UFO/paranormal/Uri Geller research from their sister lab in Livermore, California see Jim Schnabel’s book Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies, 1997, 162-169. Geller claimed that he was controlled by a spaceship called Spectra. The CIA and military had him thoroughly tested at Lawrence Livermore Lab. Things got so spooky that employees there were weeping when they told their stories to CIA rep Richard Kennett (a pseudo-name). Kennett himself had an amusing but wig-popping event in association with the research. All the spooky manifestations ended when a metallic voice on the phone told LLL to quit studying Uri Geller. They were happy to comply.

But I digress. One evening Vida and Joey had a few too many drinks and Vida confessed her troubled past with alien entities. To her shock, Joey didn’t blink. Instead, also under the influence of a few too many, confessed to her that those things were real and that they dealt with them at LANL.

“Soon after that discussion, he disappeared, never to be heard from again. (Was the house bugged, or did “they” report his conversation?) When her husband did not return home, Vida started calling everybody she could think of. Nobody had heard from him, not family or friends. She finally called the police department to report him as missing. Soon afterward, she received a return call from somebody at Los Alamos who told her that Luciano had been killed ‘in a job-related accident.’”

The person on the phone related this information as if they were discussing the price of beans. Vida was informed that there would be no release of the body and no death certificate. The stunned and grieving widow tried to collect his pension, but could not with no death certificate. With no income, unpaid bills began to accumulate. Fortunately, Vida’s daughter, Lavida, worked for the Social Security Administration. She began making phone calls and rattling cages. Mysteriously, impediments evaporated, and Vida was told that she would have Joey’s pension and benefits.

As is typical in so many abduction cases, Vida was not the only experiencer in the family. Lavida had her own stories to tell. She and her mother drove around a road barrier one day and saw an unidentifiable glowing object in a field. They both experienced missing time and found the car relocated when they came to. After that event, Lavida began sleepwalking and losing her eyesight. She developed a “pseudotumor.” She and her boyfriend saw spooky shadows in her yard one night when she awoke standing by the back door. Her boyfriend thought that she had been mugged, because she had a vicious two inch gash in the back of her head that needed stitches. At the hospital, her blood showed “high toxicity.” And of course, in the hospital she was visited by two weird strangers who told her, "It's not about what you are now, but what they are going to make of you."

If you want to know about this couple’s encounter with Stephen Spielberg’s company in Seattle, you’ll have to read the book. It is clear that Spielberg has a fascination with UFOs and the abduction phenomenon.

“What happened next to Lavida may or may not have been connected with the Spielberg-Washington event, but as she arrived home she found several messages on her telephone answering machine. Somebody named Sharon had started leaving a message when a signal from somewhere else bled over onto the recording. It is electrical and spooky sounding, and it is difficult to make out exactly what is being said, but the recording sounds like, ‘This is Seir…I’m going to have to call her and see if I’m making her menstruate…Now, colly.’

In demonology, Seir (also known as Seire, Seere, or Sear)is a Prince of hell with twenty-six legions of demons under his command. He can go any place on Earth in a matter of seconds to accomplish the will of the conjurer, while ‘colly’ is a verb meaning ‘to make soiled, filthy, or dirty.’”

You can go to the Exo-Vaticana website at and listen for yourself. I did so, and must admit that the recording is obscure. The beginning might be “this year” or “is she here,” but “This is Seir” is possible. I heard an sh sound in there. I disagree with the last word being “colly,” but I couldn’t tell you what it is. I hear an n sound. The word menstruate sounded like magistrate to me, but I can’t really tell for sure.

Lavida has had other paranormal experiences that indicate that her home at that time was being influenced by entities that didn’t belong there. Her story and that of Vida ends with a meeting which author Tom Horn attended which was held inside an unnamed state building. It was all hush-hush with a federal investigator, a dozen other experiencers, and attorneys for both sides. There was a non-disclosure agreement and a monetary settlement. Tom hints that there is "substantially more to this story that cannot yet be told, including information about other government ‘counselors’ and what can only be thought of as highly placed ‘covens’ within national agencies that direct abductees according to certain protocols…”

Tom has come to some conclusions: “1) at least some UFO activity is supernatural deception; 2) true ‘alien abduction’ is demonic in nature; and 3) both are ultimately subject to the authority of Christ." Tom reports that Vida and Lavida are now free of their paranormal torments.

I totally agree with Tom’s conclusions and would add that narratives continue to accumulate that place high level U.S. personnel in the middle of the story. I will have more to say about the book Exo-Vaticana and the companion work Petrus Romanus by Horn and Putnam. I also want to deal with a book called The Jesuits by Malachi Martin. I would love to hear from readers who have listened to the audio message on their website. What do you think it said? Stay tuned.